LastPass Separates From Parent After Security Incidents

New chapter for LastPass as it becomes an independent company to focus on cybersecurity, after troubled past

4 weeks ago

LastPass Owner GoTo Confirms Hackers Stole Customers’ Backups

It gets worse. Confirmation from LastPass owner GoTo that hackers stole encrypted backups and encryption key for portion of them

1 year ago

LastPass Admits Hackers Obtained Customer Password Vaults

Password manager's update on its August breach confirms customer password vault was stolen, as security experts slate the firm

1 year ago

LastPass Confirms Hack And Theft Of Source Code

Not again. Password management service confirms hackers stole source code and technical data, but insists customer data was not compromised

2 years ago

LogMeIn To Spin Off LassPass As Separate Cloud Security Firm

Six years after it acquired LassPass for $110 million, LogMeIn says it will spin out the unit as a separate…

2 years ago

IT Bosses Admit Password Chaos At Their Organisations

Password madness. Companies are aware of user's password problems, but are not doing enough to solve them

6 years ago

LastPass Can Now Store Two-Factor Authentication Keys In The Cloud

The company argues there's no additional security risk to doing so, as long as they have 2FA turned on for…

7 years ago

LastPass Rushes To Patch Yet Another Bug In Its Firefox Browser Extension

UPDATED: Google Project Zero researcher discovers yet another bug in LastPass Firefox extension

7 years ago

LastPass Offers Password Management Tool For Free

Forgetful people now have free access to the password manager

8 years ago

Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Networking Account Breach

ANALYSIS: Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a mistake that many, perhaps most, people make and reused passwords for…

8 years ago

Brits Continue To Share Passwords Despite Knowing Risks

Survey urges Brits to stop sharing login details and using the same passwords

8 years ago

‘LostPass’ Phishing Scam Can Steal LastPass Credentials

Security researcher devises method of stealing LastPass login details using browser notifications and API

8 years ago

LogMeIn Snaps Up Master Password Firm LastPass For £81m

LogMeIn buys Last Pass - four months after it suffered a major data breach

9 years ago

Have Password Management Services Been Hacked To Death?

The recent LastPass breach has dented users' confidence in password management firms

9 years ago

LastPass Breached, Warns Users To Change Master Password

LastPass is prompting all users to change their passwords after a compromise detected on Friday

9 years ago