Larry Page

Google’s Larry Page Granted New Zealand Residency

Armageddon bolthole? Co-founder of Google, Larry Page, was granted residency in New Zealand earlier this year after medical emergency

6 months ago

Google Founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin Personal Fortune Grows

Share surge in Alphabet over the past year allows founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to join the exclusive $100…

10 months ago

Google Founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin Step Down

End of an era as Google co-founders step down from leadership roles, with Sundar Pichai taking over the Alphabet CEO…

2 years ago

Eric Schmidt Steps Down As Alphabet Chairman

After helping turning Google into a technology titan, Eric Schmidt steps down from his central role

4 years ago

Kanye West Wants To Build A ‘Luxury Cloud Service’

Kanye West takes to Twitter to call on the help of Larry Page and "dudes in San Fran" to help…

6 years ago

Larry Page Reveals More About Alphabet

Rare public talk from Google co-founder sees Project Loon hailed and more details on Alphabet, which Page says will foster…

6 years ago

Why Has Google Restructured Under A New Company Called Alphabet?

Larry Page spells out exactly why Google and its sister companies needed to shake things up

6 years ago

Google Beats The Street After Strong Quarter

Google posts strong quarterly results amid fresh concerns over the health of CEO Larry Page

8 years ago

Google’s Larry Page Reveals Vocal Cord Paralysis

Google's CEO Larry Page has broken his silence about a rare medical condition affecting his vocal cords

9 years ago

Apple Google Patent Peace Talks Held By Page And Cook – Report

Talks to resolve the Apple Google patent war have taken place between CEOs Larry Page and Tim Cook, according to…

9 years ago

Google Revenues Up 35 Percent

Google has posted second-quarter revenues of £7.8bn, 35 percent up from the same quarter a year earlier, with chief executive…

10 years ago

Google Chief Executive Defends Privacy Stance

Google's Larry Page has posted a company update describing Google's focus for the year and denying that its harvesting of…

10 years ago

Former Director Criticises Google’s Lack Of Innovation

Former Google man says he wasn't happy under CEO Larry Page's rule

10 years ago

Google’s Larry Page Reveals Support From Jobs

Despite their company rivalry, the late Steve Jobs offered Google CEO Larry Page advice and support

10 years ago

Judge Orders Larry And Larry To Settlement Table

Larry Ellison and Larry Page have been ordered by a US judge to return to the Android negotiating table

10 years ago

Investors Sue Google Directors Over $500m DoJ Payout

Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are named in lawsuits over $500m settlement for illegal drug advertising

10 years ago

Google Squared Rounded Up In Labs Apps Closure

Google Labs has announced a timetable for the imminent closure of Google Squared and other services

10 years ago

Oracle Told To Lower Android Patent Damage Claim

Oracle must lower its starting point for Android damages to $100m, but could depose Google CEO Larry Page

11 years ago

Limited Google+ Still Growing Exponentially

Google+ user metrics show 1.8 million visits last week, with over half the traffic from Google and Gmail

11 years ago

Google Shares Fall, As Execs Shift And Costs Go Up

Despite increased profits, Wall Street punished Google for higher costs as Larry Page take over

11 years ago

Google CEO Reorganises Senior Management Team

Top executives for Android, Chrome and YouTube will report directly to the CEO, Larry Page

11 years ago

Google’s Rosenberg Goes As Page Succeeds Schmidt

Google's product guy, Jonathan Rosenberg, will go as Larry Page takes the reins from Eric Schmidt

11 years ago

Google’s New CEO Needs To Find His Mojo

Someone has got to help Google's Larry Page exude the qualities implied by the "E" in his new/old title of…

11 years ago

Google’s CEO-Change Could Let Microsoft Win In Enterprise Cloud Apps

Without Eric Schmidt, Google may hand over the enterprise cloud apps space to Microsoft's Office 365, warns Clint Boulton

11 years ago

Google’s CEO Schmidt Is Replaced By Larry Page

Google co-founder Larry Page is taking over as CEO from Eric Schmidt who will remain as executive chairman

11 years ago