UK Teens Charged With Hacking After Lapsus$ Arrests

Two British teens charged with computer crimes following arrests of seven alleged members of Lapsus$ gang that attacked Microsoft and…

4 months ago

Okta Admits ‘Mistake’ Waiting Two Months Before Breach Admission

Amid criticism of its response, Okta now admits it “made a mistake” and says it “would have made a different…

5 months ago

Oxford Teenager Arrested In Lapsus$ Crackdown

City of London police arrest seven people, including a 16 year old from Oxford, over suspected connections to Lapsus$ hacking…

5 months ago

Okta Now Concedes Hundreds Of Customers Impacted By Breach

Authentication specialist Okta now admits that Lapsus$ may have in fact accessed customer data, after initially denying a breach

5 months ago

Authentication Specialist Okta Denies Data Breach

Okta says there was an unsuccessful compromise attempt in January via a third party, but it had limited potential impact…

5 months ago

Microsoft Investigates After Lapsus$ Hack Claim

Lapsus$ strikes again? Redmond investigating claims that Brazilian-based hacking group Lapsus$ leaked 37GB of its source code

5 months ago

Vodafone Investigates Hacker Threat To Release Source Code

Following on from Samsung hack, ransomware group Lapsus$ threatens to release a 200GB data tranche of Vodafone source code

5 months ago

Samsung Admits Hackers Stole Source Code

Hackers have stole 190GB of internal company data at Samsung, and gained access to some source code of Galaxy branded…

5 months ago

Nvidia Admits Data Breach, Exposing Staff And Company Data – Report

Data stolen from GPU powerhouse Nvidia has been leaked online, amid media reports that it has suffered a ransomware attack

6 months ago