Telephone Landline Usage In ‘Terminal Decline’, Uswitch Finds

As usage of WhatsApp, Zoom etc soars, the humble telephone landline declines, with 26 percent not even bothering to connect…

9 months ago

Landline Usage Continues To Plummet

Use of landlines fallen by 50 percent in past five years as people increasingly use their smartphones

3 years ago

Sky Tackles Nuisance Calls With Talk Shield Screening Service

Sky announces free service to rival BT Protect and block unwanted nuisance calls

5 years ago

Ofcom Mulls Automatic Compensation For Broadband Problems

Regulator rejects industry proposals, and proposes instant compensation for when landline and broadband services goes wrong

5 years ago

TalkTalk Restores Service After Customers Suffer Landline Woes

TalkTalk customers lose dial tones and can't make calls following major system upgrade

6 years ago

Broadband ISP Switching Just Got Easy

This weekend new Ofcom rules make it easier to switch broadband provider, but why is Virgin Media excluded?

7 years ago

BT Home SmartPhone SII Wants To Breathe New Life Into The Landline

Second generation Touchschreen home phone comes equipped with Google Play for Android app downloads

7 years ago

Its Official – Brits Have Abandoned The Landline

The home phone is dead, long live the mobile phone, Relish survey finds

7 years ago

Landlines Set To Disappear Within Five Years Say CIOs

CIOs say landlines are set to be replaced by smartphones, but remain unconvinced about tablets

9 years ago

Calling From Landlines To Mobiles Will Be 85 Percent Cheaper

Appeal tribunal rules that the price of ringing a mobile phone from a landline should fall faster and further

10 years ago