Labour Party

Labour Party Member Data Compromised After Breach

'Cyber incident' for the UK's Labour Party sees 'significant quantity' of membership data, held by unidentified third party, being compromised

8 months ago

Free Broadband For All, As Labour Pledges BT Nationalisation

Labour says it will nationalise BT's fixed-line network, but PM says the it is a 'crackpot' idea, and TechUK says…

3 years ago

Labour Party Claims It Was Hit By Large-Scale Cyberattack

Weeks before the general election, the Labour Party claims its systems have been subjected to a cyberattack

3 years ago

Labour Party Promises To ‘Break Up’ Tech Giants

An impossible promise? Tom Watson says new regulator would break up American tech giants

3 years ago

ICO Fines Website For Sharing Information With Labour Party

Data watchdog to fine website for “serious contravention” in selling data on 1 million people to the Labour Party

4 years ago

Non-Voters Back Online Voting System Ahead Of General Election

General election voting - Survey finds 42 percent of non-voters would likely vote if online system were in place

5 years ago

General Election 2015: Tech Entrepreneurs Endorse Conservatives

Ninety tech entrepreneurs sign a letter praising the Conservative party ahead of general election

7 years ago

Digital Government And Inclusion Will Be A £24bn Election Issue

The political parties have started their tech campaign for the General Election next year - while a think tank says…

8 years ago

Rural Broadband Speeds Less Than Half Those Of Urban Areas – Labour

Labour party accuses government of neglecting rural broadband

10 years ago

Labour Government’s IT Record Faces Fresh Criticism

Previous Labour ministers are accused of ordering expensive IT projects to “sex up” their policies

11 years ago

Political Parties Refine Online Strategy As E-Voting Mooted

Just hours before the final TV debate ahead of the general election, all political parties are seeking to exploit social…

12 years ago

Tory Broadband Plans Could Lose Rural Votes

A new report analysing the distribution of rural broadband subsidies has found the Tories' "wait and see" policy could do…

12 years ago

Tories To Bring Government IT Spending Slowdown

An analyst group has predicted that government spending on IT will slow if the Conservative Party wins the next general…

12 years ago