New Jersey Apple Store Workers Vote Against Unionisation

Workers at New Jersey Apple Store vote against joining union as post-pandemic labour drive at tech giant falters

1 week ago

Biden Vetoes Republican Measure In Row Over Contractors’ Unions

Biden vetoes Republican-backed measure amidst dispute over 'joint employer' status for contract workers, affecting tech giants such as Google

3 weeks ago

Google Shifts Rules For Contract Firms Amidst Labour Battle

Google removes benefits requirements for contract firms as US labour board seeks to force union negotiations

1 month ago

Labour Would Bring In Mandatory AI Safety Testing

Labour would make it 'statutory' for tech companies to carry out AI safety tests and share results with government, replacing…

4 months ago

Apple ‘Prepared To Negotiate’ With Unionised Staff

Apple prepared to accept successful unionisation vote at Maryland store and begin negotiations, report says, as US union interest surges

2 years ago

Union Loses Second Amazon Staten Island Vote

Labour campaigners fail in bid to organise second Amazon facility in New York's Staten Island, after surprise win at JFK8…

2 years ago

Labour Party Member Data Compromised After Breach

'Cyber incident' for the UK's Labour Party sees 'significant quantity' of membership data, held by unidentified third party, being compromised

3 years ago

Amazon Loses Opening Round In Union Vote Challenge

Labour board rejects Amazon request to be informed of witnesses' identities in advance, as union challenges loss of landmark Alabama…

3 years ago

Judge Deals Amazon Setback In New York Labour Row

US federal judge gives Amazon setback with ruling to move New York Attorney General lawsuit back to state court, amidst…

3 years ago

Google Loses Dispute Over Data Centre Working Conditions

Google and contractor Modis forced to reinstate suspended worker who had complained about working conditions and discussed unionisation

3 years ago

Amazon Defeats Alabama Unionisation Drive

Amazon roundly defeats effort to unionise warehouse in Bessemer Alabama in battle that drew international attention to company's labour policies

3 years ago

Amazon Apologises For Denying Staff Pee In Bottles

Amazon apologises to US politician for denying its workers are at times forced to pee in bottles, amidst controversy over…

3 years ago

US Labour Officials Find Amazon Illegally Fired Internal Critics

US labour officials find Amazon illegally retaliated against two staff who led protests over company's environmental and pandemic safety practices

3 years ago

Amazon Goes On Offensive Against Critics In Washington

Amazon takes offensive on social media against senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren as it faces battles over labour issues…

3 years ago

Google Violated Law By Spying On Staff, Complaint Alleges

Complaint alleges Google broke US labour laws when it 'spied' on staff who organised employee protests, before firing them

3 years ago

Uber Italia Hit By Labour Exploitation Probe

Milan court accuses Uber of using recruitment services that paid migrants as little as 3 euros per delivery to work…

4 years ago

Boris Johnson Victory: What It Means For Tech Sector

What does the general election victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservatives mean for the technology sector? Silicon UK takes…

4 years ago

Labour Party Promises To ‘Break Up’ Tech Giants

An impossible promise? Tom Watson says new regulator would break up American tech giants

5 years ago

Uber Welcomes Government Reforms That Preserve ‘Gig Economy’

The government's plans stop short of tightening controls on the zero-hour employment practices used by Uber and Deliveroo

5 years ago

Labour Proposes Tax On Tech Giants To Boost Media Independence

A 'digital licence fee' paid for by the biggest tech firms could help fund investigative, public interest journalism, Jeremy Corbyn…

6 years ago

ICO Fines Emma’s Diary £140,000 Over Campaign Data

The pregnancy advice site illegally sold the personal data of one million people to the Labour Party for use in…

6 years ago

Election 2017: Hung Parliament Will Force Conservatives To Make Informal Coalition Deal

Overall effect on the technology industry is that it's not likely to shake things up yet

7 years ago

Election 2017: Labour Gives UK Tech Brexit Assurances & Ultrafast Broadband Pledge

Labour would seek to ensure UK tech firms have access to talents and market, while it would also work to…

7 years ago

Labour Ridiculed For Wanting To Regulate Algorithms

Companies algorithms should be made transparent to government for industrial regulation to be effective, the party argues

7 years ago

Corbyn Promises Broadband For All And Open Source Government

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn vows to democratise the internet with funding, better public services, open source software and broadband access

8 years ago

World Economic Forum: Automation ‘To Cost 5.1 Million Jobs’

Robotics, artificial intelligence and other developments are to contribute to a net loss of jobs, finds the World Economic Forum

8 years ago

Labour Manifesto Makes Broadband, Open Data And Mobile Coverage Pledges

Labour says the UK's strengths in digital technology can help economic growth and revamp public services

9 years ago

Government Services Fail The Digital Have-Nots – Labour MP

Digital Government services can save money, but they must also support digital illiterates, says Labour's Chi Onwurah

10 years ago

Labour Pledges Cyber Crime Crackdown

Yvette Cooper says Labour can do better than the Tories at taking down cyber crime

11 years ago

Apple’s Next iPhone Sparks Fresh Worker Abuse Allegations

Ahead of the launch next week of its new cheap iPhone, Apple faces fresh worker violation claims

11 years ago