Google Gains US Approval For Radar-Based Gesture Control System

Gesture-based interface moves one step closer after Google is granted approval for radar-based system

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Microsoft Kinect

Some assume the Kinect is another tale of Microsoft hardware woe, but it was both groundbreaking and innovative

4 years ago

Microsoft Ends Windows 10 Kinect Adaptor Production

Microsoft hammers another, possibly final, nail in Kinect's coffin as businesses are encouraged to migrate from the platform

4 years ago

Microsoft Will Stop Manufacturing The Kinect, Stifling Future Developer Potential

Niche developers may mourn is passing, but they still have the HoloLens to work on

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: The Xbox & Microsoft’s Big Gaming Adventure

In November 2001 Microsoft introduced its Xbox console which, despite some hiccups, remains the main competitor to Sony's PlayStation

5 years ago

Microsoft Plans Interactive Displays and Gesture Control

Microsoft is working on a 'Minority Report' future, to allow more intuitive user interaction with computers

8 years ago

Microsoft Makes Business Case For Kinect v2

Microsoft's upgraded Kinect sensor technology has applications in health IT and business computing, according to the company

8 years ago

Microsoft Surface Mini Tablet To Include Kinect Sensors

More details emerge regarding Microsoft's long rumoured seven-inch Surface tablet

9 years ago

Microsoft Updates Kinect Windows Developer Kit

Microsoft has started to ship updated kits with the new Kinect controller to some Windows developers

9 years ago

Apple To Bid £186m For Israeli Firm Behind Xbox Kinect – Report

Primesense, the Israeli firm behind the technology for the first generation Xbox Kinect, is in Apple's sights

9 years ago

Microsoft Adds 3D Scanning To Kinect SDK

With an update to the Kinect software developer kit Microsoft is looking to more widely promote augmented reality and 3D…

9 years ago

Microsoft Research: Beyond Kinect, And Open Source Robots

Scanners, sensors and a football-playing chair – just another day at Microsoft Research Cambridge

10 years ago

Microsoft’s Business Software, Kinect And Xbox Helped Drive Last Quarter

Although Windows sales remained soft, Microsoft's quarter saw robust business software and entertainment product sales

10 years ago

Microsoft Offers Commercial Kinect Developer Kit

Microsoft is to allow developers to build business apps using its hands-free Kinect gaming kit

11 years ago

Microsoft Trials Kinect Developer Kit

Microsoft has released a test version of its development kit for the hands-free Kinect gaming technology

11 years ago

Our Readers Don’t Care About Windows 8

Microsoft's next Windows version is a big yawn, you tell us. Next: you react to Amazon's cloud trouble

11 years ago

One In Eight Readers Has A Tablet For Work

You tell us that Tablets are ready for the office. Next, what do you want from Windows 8?

11 years ago

What Windows 8 Wants: Kinect And Cloud

The next version of Windows will have an App Store, cloud integration and a Kinect-based UI, says Nicholas Kolakowski

11 years ago

Future Business Apps Could Use Kinect UI

Natural user interfaces derived from Kinect will boost productivity, says Microsoft Research

11 years ago

Microsoft Revenues Hold With Kinect And Windows 7

Microsoft posted stronger quarterly revenues than expected but still faces challenges with its online services

11 years ago

Ballmer’s CES Keynote Touts Everything But Tablets

Microsoft CEO's keynote boosted Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 but tablets were a no-show

11 years ago

Experimentation Will Find New Roles For Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft executives are encouraging IT pros to hack the Kinect hands-free controller for functions other than gaming

12 years ago