Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Extradition To US Granted, But Appeal Allowed

Fresh twist in long-running extradition of controversial Kim Dotcom to the United States, following NZ Supreme Court ruling

12 months ago

Kim Dotcom Makes Final Plea To Avoid Extradition To US

New Zealand's highest court has begun hearing final bid to halt extradition of Kim Dotcom to the US

2 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Appeal Against Extradition To US

Game over for colourful character? Kim Dotcom loses latest court battle against his extradition to the US

3 years ago

Kim Dotcom Wins Damages From Human Rights Tribunal

Megaupload founder wins human rights court battle and promptly declares extradition case to US is over

4 years ago

Kim Dotcom Demands Obama Appearance In NZ Court

Megaupload founder files for personal appearance by former President Obama in a New Zealand courtroom

4 years ago

Kim Dotcom Begins Appeal Against Extradition Ruling

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom wants New Zealand court appeal against extradition to be live streamed

5 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Battle To US

Merry Christmas! New Zealand court rules the US can have him, but Kim pledges appeal

6 years ago

Kim Dotcom Extradition Begins In New Zealand Court

No escape from the long arm of the law? Extradition hearing for Kim Dotcom begins in Auckland

6 years ago

Kim Dotcom Targets Skype With Encrypted Chat Rival

Fugitive millionaire delivers on promise of encrypted rival to Skype to stop government snoops

7 years ago

Kim Dotcom Launches Party For New Zealand Elections

“This is a movement for the freedom of the Internet and technology”, says the fugitive millionaire - who cannot stand…

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Valued At £108 Million Through A ‘Reverse Takeover’

The cloud storage service created by fugitive millionaire is set to go public on New Zealand stock exchange

8 years ago

Baboom! Kim Dotcom Previews Music Service, Launches Debut Album

Good Times by Kim Dotcom is out on Baboom, iTunes and Google Play

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Quits Mega Day Job

Dotcom has lots of other stuff going on, like setting up a political party, so has no time to lead…

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Furious After LeaseWeb Deletes Megaupload Servers

Dutch firm deletes a whole load of Megaupload data, which could have been valuable evidence for Dotcom

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Granted Access To Megaupload Raid Evidence

Dotcom gets another boost in his fight against extradition to the US

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Declares 3D-Printed Guns Scary, Removes Links From Mega

Just because Dotcom doesn’t like the US doesn’t mean he will support US anarchists

8 years ago

Kim Dotcom Plans To Sue New Zealand’s Government Spies

Government Communications Security Bureau might find itself in court after wiretapping Dotcom’s communications

9 years ago

London Lawyers Join Kim Dotcom’s Defence Team

Amsterdam & Partners will work for free, at least until Dotcom gets his money back from the US authorities

9 years ago

Mega Accepts BitCoins, Outlines World Domination Plans

Kim Dotcom wants to launch encrypted email, video and communication services

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom’s Number 2 On A Mad First Week At Mega

Bram van der Kolk talks to TechWeekEurope about the cloud filesharing service's troubled first week

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Fileshare Service Riddled With Security Holes

Is Mega handing encryption keys to users to protect itself from future legal problems?

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom Launches Mega, Adds One Million Users In A Day

The new file hosting service is live, but will it become a pirate haven?

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom’s Mega Will Offer 50GB Of Free Storage

The new cloud hosting service launches on Sunday

9 years ago

US Authorities Deny Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload Entrapment Claims

A court filing says federal agents didn’t trick Kim Dotcom

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Domain Name, Blames US

Omega hackers currently controlling the address are threatening to sell it

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom Wants Free Fibre For New Zealand

Stop worrying about building roads and lay fibre instead, says Meagaupload founder

9 years ago

Kim Dotcom Announces Mega-Replacement For Megaupload

Megaupload is reborn as Mega, will use encryption and won’t be responsible for hosted files

9 years ago

New Zealand Prime Minister Apologises To Kim Dotcom

Dotcom was illegally spied on, a New Zealand government report finds

9 years ago