US Approves SpaceX Starlink For Planes, Trains And … Ships

US FCC regulator gives its official approval for SpaceX to use its Starlink satellite internet network with moving vehicles

2 years ago

Nvidia To Go The Way Of ARM And Imagination, License Chip Designs To Others

The GPU manufacturer wants to expand its reach even further

11 years ago

Italy’s Nvidia-Based Eurora Supercomputer Sets Green Record

Italian super-green speed demon hits 3MFLops per Watt of power

11 years ago

Nvidia Launches Kepler GPU For Super-Powered Clouds

Nvidia plans to accelerate cloud computing with VGX and GeForce GRID platforms

12 years ago

First Next-Gen Kepler GPUs Announced By Nvidia

Nvidia's Kepler GPUs targeting Ultrabooks and gaming desktops have arrived days after the release of its Radeon HD 7000 cards

12 years ago