Juniper Research

Mobile Data Traffic Will Flood Wi-Fi Networks This Year

Telcos need to be more strategic when it comes to incorporating Wi-Fi into their product offering

5 years ago

UK Customers Love Their Mobile Banking

Juniper Research study finds 98 percent of users are pleased with their service, but could change quickly if standards fell

6 years ago

In-Flight Roaming Revenues Will Double By 2020 But High Cost Limits Adoption

Juniper Research says increasing availability of in-flight mobile will boost income, but sky-high roaming will be just a fraction of…

6 years ago

A Third Of All Home Routers Will Be Wi-Fi Hotspots By 2017

Rise of the homespot: Researchers predict more and more broadband providers will turn home routers into Wi-Fi access points

6 years ago

Apple Watch Controls Half The World Wearable Market

Apple Watch is now the most popular wearable with 52 percent of the global market, Juniper figures reveal

6 years ago

Smart Clothing Will Make Wearable Tech ‘Worth Billions’

Awareness of connected clothing will boost wearable technology spending to £6.5bn by 2020, Juniper Research study predicts

7 years ago

Smart Home Spending To Hit £65bn By 2020

Automotive and entertainment sectors will spur on smart home growth, but will products be future-proof?

7 years ago

Mobile Payments ‘To Reach 125 Billion A Year’ By 2018

Juniper Research report predicts that Chinese adoption will push growth in mobile payments worldwide

7 years ago

Internet Of Things Devices To ‘Triple’ By 2020

Over 38 billion units will be making the world a smarter place in just a few years, Juniper Research claims

7 years ago

Hackers Will Cost Businesses ‘More Than £1.3 Trillion’ By 2019

Juniper Research report warns that wearables and IoT devices could soon come under risk

7 years ago

App Downloads To Top 235 Billion This Year

Demand from Chinese market pushes downloads sky-high, Juniper Research predicts

7 years ago

Move Over London, Barcelona Is Officially The World’s Smartest Tech City

Edges out New York and London in terms of connected technology

7 years ago

Global Smartphone Shipments Topped 1.2 Billion Last Year

Juniper Research figures show Apple closing in on Samsung’s lead in the smartphone market

7 years ago

Small-Screeners Beware – The Phablet Takeover Is Coming

Juniper Research report predicts that phablets will make up 20 percent of all devices shipped in next five years

7 years ago

Fitness Devices ‘Will Dominate The Wearable Market’

Juniper Research findings estimate wearable usage will treble as more high-profile devices are launched

8 years ago

100 Million Smartwatches Will Be Sold By 2019

Juniper report predicts an explosion of wearables devices across the world

8 years ago

LTE Networks Promise Massive Financial Returns

Although deploying LTE networks will be costly, the financial return for mobile operators will be well worth it

9 years ago

Samsung Extends Smartphone Lead Over Apple iPhone

New figures reveal Samsung has extended its smartphone lead over Apple thanks to the strong sales of its Galaxy S…

10 years ago

Ultrabooks Poised For Growth But Pricing Is A Concern

Ultrabooks will expand in the market over the next five years, according to Juniper Research, but price is an issue

10 years ago