Government To Compensate Victims Of Post Office Horizon Fiasco

Compensation promised by government for wrongly convicted postmasters, after Post Office Horizon scandal over past two decades

5 months ago

Former Wirecard CEO Released From Jail

Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun walks free after arrest on Monday for allegedly falsifying the accounts for the German fintech…

1 year ago

Chelsea Manning Jailed Again For Wikileaks Testimony Refusal

As expected Manning jailed again for up to 18 months for her refusal to testify for Wikileaks investigation

3 years ago

Chelsea Manning Freed After Wikileaks Testimony Refusal

Freed after 62 days in jail when she refused to testify for Wikileaks investigation, Manning now faces more legal challenges

3 years ago

Michigan Jail Hacker Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison

Hacker who tried to secure an early release for a friend will instead go to jail himself

4 years ago

Fibre Broadband Fraudsters Handed Hefty Jail Sentences

SFO probe leads to conviction of four men involved in bank fraud to fund fibre cables through sewers

5 years ago

Journalist Convicted Of Aiding Anonymous Newspaper Hack

Journalist jailed for two years for helping Anonymous hack the computer system of his former employer, the LA Times

6 years ago

Software Glitch Grants Early Release To Thousands Of US Prisoners

Thousands of US prisoners released early from prison, after software glitch went unchecked for 13 years

6 years ago

Two Arrested Over Naked Selfies App

Two men behind an app that trawls through private photo albums looking for naked selfies face prison sentences

7 years ago

Hacker Pays To Avoid 440 Year Prison Sentence

No brainer of the day? A hacker in Texas pays $10,000 to avoid a possible 440-year prison sentence

7 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Warg Faces Stiff Prison Sentence

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg found guilty by Danish court in that country's biggest hacking case to date

7 years ago

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Warg Jailed For Two Years

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is given a prison sentence, but also faces extradition to Denmark

8 years ago

UK Anonymous Hackers Get Jail Time

Attackers who hit PayPal, MasterCard and other major firms in the name of Anonymous get jail time

9 years ago

Former Lloyds Bank Security Chief Pleads Guilty To £2.4m Fraud

A former head of Lloyds Bank IT security is facing a lengthy jail sentence

9 years ago

Call Of Duty Malware “Patch” Creator Jailed

Cybercrime discovered while investigating a real-world robbery

10 years ago

Hacker Jailed After Stealing 8m Customers’ Data

Hacker gets prison time after getting hold of a raft of customer data

10 years ago

Brits Condemn Hackers And Call For Tougher Penalties

Britons are increasingly concerned about the impact of today's online hackers and want tougher action

10 years ago

Facebook ‘Rioters’ Jailed As BBC Is Accused Of eLooting

Jail sentences of Facebook “riot organisers” bring protests while the BBC is criticised for e-looting Twitpics

10 years ago