Court Bans Apple Watch Imports Amid Patent Dispute

Apple says it will sell the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2 models in US without the blood-oxygen sensor at…

5 months ago

Apple To Drop Sensor From Some Watch Models – Report

Redesign plan to remove blood-oxygen sensor on certain Apple Watch models is dependent on an appeal court decision

5 months ago

Apple Fails To Delay Apple Watch Import Ban

US International Trade Commission (ITC) denies motion by Apple to halt an upcoming import ban on Apple Watches

6 months ago

Google To Face Trial Over Sonos Patents, Judge Rules

Bitter patent battle between Sonos and Google to continue, after judge rules the later must face trial on 8 May

1 year ago

No US Help Over ITC’s Apple Watch Import Ban Ruling

No help for Tim Cook from Biden Administration, after US International Trade Commission ruling may block imports of Apple Watches

1 year ago

Google Removes Features After Sonos Legal Win

Google has removed some features related to the control of multi-room audio playback after a major legal win by rival…

2 years ago

Ericsson Claims Samsung Infringed 4G, 5G Patents

Round two. Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson claims Samsung has infringed some of its 4G and 5G patents – US ITC…

3 years ago

Qualcomm Seeks Apple iPhone Import Ban

Qualcomm hauls Apple before International Trade Commission again to demand US import ban on certain iPhones

6 years ago

Microsoft Wins ITC Xbox Ruling Over Motorola Patent

Yet another legal setback for Google after Microsoft wins an ITC ruling over its Xbox gaming system

11 years ago

Ericsson Asks ITC For Samsung Ban In US

Ericsson's patent battle continues after it asked the ITC to ban Samsung devices from entering America

12 years ago

Microsoft Snubs Motorola Patent Settlement Overtures

Microsoft has brushed off overtures by Motorola, which is seeking to settle their patent dispute

12 years ago

Android Handsets Hit By Microsoft ActiveSync Patent Ruling

The International Trade Commission has determined that certain of Motorola's Android handsets violate a Microsoft synchronisation patent

12 years ago

Apple Wins Key ITC Ruling Over HTC Patent Claim

Apple has been cleared of violating HTC's intellectual property by a new ruling by the US trade regulators

13 years ago

Apple’s HTC Patent Victory Is The Tip Of The IceBerg

Apple's patent victory over HTC will have other Android phone makers quaking in their boots, says Nicholas Kolakowski

13 years ago

Nokia, HTC Not Guilty Of Apple Patent Violations

Apple has suffered a legal setback in its patent legal battles following an initial report by the ITC

13 years ago