IT Skills

Microsoft Invests 4 Billion Euros In France For AI, Cloud

Global spending spree from Microsoft continues, with huge investment for new data centre to drive AI and skills in France

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Announces Big Investments In Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand

Microsoft's AI investments continue in south east Asia, after investments in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, as well as Thailand

4 weeks ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Tech Generation

How do you define tech literacy in the context of the modern workplace. What are the advantages of having tech-literate…

7 months ago

Businesses Turn To Remote Workers To Obtain Skills, Expereo Finds

New research from Expereo finds one third of global enterprises hire people they have never met, due to skills shortage

7 months ago

Enterprises Planning Expansion Worry Over Connectivity, Expereo Finds

Despite macroeconomic, geopolitical worries, Expereo reveals most businesses have a positive outlook and will increase tech investments

11 months ago

UK SMEs To Increase IT Investments In 2023

New research from Sharp UK finds nearly half of UK SMEs will invest in new technology in 2023, despite concerns…

12 months ago

Hybrid Working Key Factor For Most Tech Workers

Techspace report finds that three quarters of tech workers consider hybrid working a key factor when choosing future employer

1 year ago

Humans Needed To Avoid Cybersecurity Missteps, Gartner Says

Gartner identifies top cybersecurity trends for 2023, and says organisations need to adopt a human-centric focus to avoid cyber failures

1 year ago

Microsoft Closing Down Job Openings – Report

Microsoft has begun withdrawing job openings in its Azure and security divisions, as hiring slowdown extends to other divisions

2 years ago

Microsoft President Opens Up About Growing Shortage Of Workers

Microsoft's Brad Smith warns US companies are facing a “new era” of a stagnating labour pool, as fewer people enter…

2 years ago

Half Of Cybersecurity Professionals Consider Quitting – Study

New research from threat detection specialist Vectra reveals very worrying rise of health and mental pressures on security professionals

2 years ago

Tech Most Favoured Sector Amid ‘Great Resignation’

BT research revealed tech industry is the most popular for people looking to switch their careers, during the so called…

2 years ago

Most IT Bosses View Skills Gap As ‘Urgent Concern’

Research from Cloudreach shows clear majority of IT managers are very worried about the ongoing digital skills gap, which is…

2 years ago

Amazon To Create 1,500 Apprenticeships In UK

Amazon UK workforce grows by 25,000 in 2021, as e-commerce giant announces the creation of 1,500 apprenticeship roles in 2022

2 years ago

Amazon Web Services Opens Cloud Skills Training Centre

Back to school. AWS to offer in-person training and it expands existing efforts to help people to learn and develop…

3 years ago

Autumn Budget 2021: What It Means For Tech Sector?

The Autumn Budget pledges to spend billions refreshing IT and tech in the NHS, but also a big increase in…

3 years ago

Facebook To Hire 10,000 In EU For Metaverse Concept

With no mention of the UK, Facebook says it is to create 10,000 across the EU to help build its…

3 years ago

Barclays Touts State-Of-The-Art Campus In Glasgow

As it seeks to attract top tech talent and continue the growth of its workforce in the city, Barclays opens…

3 years ago

Tech Giants Make Cybersecurity Pledges After White House Meeting

Tech giants pledge to spend billions of dollars improving cybersecurity after meeting with President Biden in White House

3 years ago

Hiring In UK Tech Sector Hits Five Year High

Welcomed news. Tech hiring hits five year high, with 132,000 open jobs per week in May, new data for the…

3 years ago

UK Slips In Global Skills Rankings

New data shows skills rankings around the world, with the UK holding its own in terms of tech skills, but…

3 years ago

New Challenges, New Skills

Soft skills still top of the requirement list for tech employers, according to data from online career and hiring marketplace…

4 years ago

Queen’s Speech Focuses On Gigabit Broadband, Skills, Internet Safety

Broadband pledge. The Queen's speech shows that for tech, the new government will accelerate gigabit broadband, focus on Internet safety,…

4 years ago

Government Tackles Digital Skills With £40m Institute of Coding

Theresa May unveils Coding consortium to equip the UK with needed digital skills in the years ahead

6 years ago

Report Praises British Data Expertise But Warns Of Brexit Challenges

New report from data businesses praises British data expertise and government, and also predicts post-Brexit productivity boost

7 years ago

Police Bosses ‘Should Sack’ Officers With Poor IT Skills

Police officers with 'underperforming' IT skills should be dismissed, think tank Reform suggests

7 years ago

Girls In ICT Day: Gender Bias Holds Back British Girls From Careers In Tech

Parents still think IT coding skills are more suitable for boys than girls

7 years ago

Oracle Pledges £1.1bn For EU Computer Science Education

Thanks Larry. Oracle pledges billions to bolster computer science and coding skills in European Union

7 years ago