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IT Life: It’s Not Easy Being Green

climote co-founder Derek Roddy tells TechWeekEurope why more effective heating systems will lead to lower energy bills, and why he loves his iPhone

IT Life – Going Mobile

ClickSoftware's Tim Faulkner talks mobile working, wearables, and why keeping on top of tasks can often be a juggling act for IT departments

cyber security

IT Life: Safe And Sound

Dave Palmer, director of technology at Darktrace, tells TechWeekEurope about machine learning, dreams of being an astronaut, and how he hopes the days of email are numbered

IT Life: Open Sesame

EnterpriseDB's Dave Page tells TechWeekEurope why staying focused when concentrating on consumer demand is vital for success

justin williams AT&T

IT Life: Going The Extra Mile

AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery Director tells us about the challenges of running a potentially life-saving institution

IT Life: Winning Moves

Poojan Kumar was a professional chess player while still at school. Now he runs a storage startup