Biden Announces Discounted Internet For Low-Income Americans

President Biden announces commitment from 20 US Internet Service Providers for discounted monthly connection for those on low-incomes

2 months ago

Coronavirus: Government Thanks Broadband Providers, As 563 Died In One Day

During daily Coronavirus briefing, government thanks the business community for its response, as 563 die in a single day from…

2 years ago

Privacy Groups Warn On ISPs’ ‘Widespread’ Use Of Deep Packet Inspection

The practice undermines the EU's existing net neutrality rules and also has worrying privacy implications, campaigners say

3 years ago

CableTap Vulnerabilities Detailed At DefCon Expose ISP Gateway Risks

Security researchers detailed a set of 26 different vulnerabilities that impact millions of wireless gateways set up by internet service…

5 years ago

US ISPs Promise Not To Sell Browsing Histories Despite New Freedoms

US ISPs give privacy advocates a boost despite changes to FCC regulations

5 years ago

Consumers Face Privacy Blow As US Senate Overturns FCC Web Tracking Rules

Internet Service Providers are now free to do what they want with your web browsing history

5 years ago

UK ISPs ‘At Risk Of Attack’ Due To Security Failings

However recent TalkTalk attack has raised company awareness of security vulnerabilities

7 years ago

MPs To Probe TalkTalk Hack As Police Arrest Fourth Suspect

Police arrest fourth TalkTalk hack suspect as Committee of MPs announces launch of formal investigation

7 years ago

BT Finally Begins Tests Of IPv6

It's been a long time coming, but IPv6 could soo be on the way as BT begins tests

7 years ago

Suffering From Slow Broadband Speeds? It’s Time For A Change, Says Ofcom

New Ofcom ruling makes it easier than ever before to dump substandard broadband contracts

7 years ago

How To Explain Net Neutrality To A Five-Year-Old

The definitive definition of net neutrality by the experts for the kids (and adults, too)

7 years ago

TalkTalk Follows Sky Lead, Blocks Porn By Default

HomeSafe will offer protection from adult content as standard to TalkTalk customers

7 years ago

UK ISPs Told To Start Blocking Counterfeit Goods Sites

Landmark decision follows complaint by Cartier and Montblanc owner Richemont

8 years ago

Police Arrest Man For Running Blocked Torrent Site Proxies

PIPCU starts to “come down hard” on proxies that offer access to websites blocked in the UK, such as The…

8 years ago

Ofcom Reports On Successful Implementation Of ‘Porn Filters’

Just 4 percent of new Virgin Media customers have adopted the tools designed to protect children online

8 years ago

ISPs From Around The World File Legal Complaint Against GCHQ

Seven communications providers say the British intelligence agency is damaging their business

8 years ago

FCC Updates Net Neutrality, But Keeps “Speed-For-Pay”

US regulator publishes yet another draft of the controversial rules as it navigates between the interests of ISPs, Internet businesses…

8 years ago

UK ISPs Will Have To Issue Alerts To Suspected Pirates

Customers who infringe copyright will start getting warning letters in 2015, but there are no legal consequences

8 years ago

Netflix CEO Slams US ISPs Over Net Neutrality

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says it reluctantly pays US ISPs for interconnection fees, but argues providers shouldn't be allowed to…

8 years ago

Government Tweaks ‘Porn Filters’ To Prevent Over-Blocking

A ‘whitelist’ should reduce the numbers of legitimate websites blocked by ISPs

8 years ago

O2, Virgin Media And Sky Top Ofcom Customer Service Charts

Ofcom research reveals pay TV and mobile users are happier than landline and broadband consumers

9 years ago

UK Government Wants ISPs To Block Extremist Content

According to a government minister, launch of the new censorship campaign is “imminent”

9 years ago

Pirate Bay Launches Browser To Counter Blockades

The Pirate Bay launches its own web browser to circumvent the blockade by ISPs and governments

9 years ago

ISPs Told To Block More Torrent Sites

EZTV and YIFY the latest to face ISP blocks

9 years ago

BT Wants 4G Mobile Partners, And Could Call O2

Could BT's former mobile division O2 help develop its 4G spectrum?

9 years ago

Ofcom Praises Competitive UK Broadband Market

Ofcom says 9 million unbundled copper lines are bringing bills down

9 years ago

ISPs In ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’ With Government On Snooper’s Charter

Privacy groups accuse ISPs of betraying customers' trust by colluding with the Government

9 years ago

Ofcom Fines TalkTalk £750,000 For Nuisance Calls

TalkTalk says two suppliers who made the calls will pay the fine

9 years ago

Average UK Broadband Speeds Increase By A Third In Six Months

Average UK broadband speeds have trebled in the last four years to 12Mbps

9 years ago

Sky To Buy O2 Broadband For £180 Million

Sky says acquisition will make it the UK's second largest broadband provider

9 years ago