Facebook’s Meta Name Faces Trademark Issue With PC Maker

Arizona-based Meta PCs filed a trademark for its name in August, placing it potentially on collision course with Meta/Facebook

10 months ago

HTC Halts UK Smartphone Sales Amid IP Dispute – Report

Intellectual property dispute with German firm results in HTC stop offering its phones for sale in the UK

3 years ago

Samsung Not Involved After Alleged ASML Theft

South Korean giant says it respects intellectual property and is disappointed at certain media reports

3 years ago

Raspberry Pi Signs Darktrace To Safeguard IP

Two Cambridge firms sign deal to protect precious intellectual property and guard against cyber threats

5 years ago

Nokia’s Ultrafast Routers Tackle Rising Bandwidth Challenge

New IP routers promises petabit-class performance to deliver required bandwidth for Internet of tomorrow

5 years ago

Apple & Nokia Settle Patent Infringement Dispute

Apple agrees to pay Nokia for its intellectual property and the two firms will work together on digital health

5 years ago

Nokia Acquires Deepfield For Network Insights

Trump won't like that. Finnish networking giant acquires US firm for its networking insights

6 years ago

Cisco: Global IP Traffic To Grow Threefold By 2020

Study also predicts smartphone traffic will overtake PC traffic by 2020, as 52 percent of the globe gets online

6 years ago

What Oracle Vs Google Teaches Business Owners About IP Law And Social Media

Business ideas that require use of social media require extra legal attention, IP law expert warns

7 years ago

BT Brings IP Telephony To All With ‘Plug And Play’ Cloud Phone

BT Cloud Phone offered to SMBs as company announces 1,000 new apprenticeships and graduate jobs

7 years ago

ARM Acquires Duolog For SoC Expertise

ARM continues to cherry pick technologies after acquiring an Irish IP integration tools provider

8 years ago

F5 Networks Updates Big-IP For SDN Push

F5 Networks released updated versions of its Big-IP software platform and hardware portfolio

9 years ago

Jimmy Wales Backs Government Scheme To Free Academic Research

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will help get government-backed research freely available online

10 years ago

Pirate Bay Founders Denied Appeal By Swedish Supreme Court

Swedish Supreme Court denies Pirate Bay defendants an appeal, finalising the fines and jail terms sentenced in 2010

11 years ago

Megaupload User Data Safe For “At Least Two Weeks”

Hosting companies Cogent and Carpathia agree to preserve user files for further two weeks

11 years ago

Megaupload Users’ Data Could Be Deleted By Thursday

Legitimate files on the Megaupload site may be deleted this week, say US federal prosecutors

11 years ago

New Zealand Court Denies Kim Dotcom Bail In Extradition Battle

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's fight against extradition to the US takes a blow after judge denies him bail

11 years ago

Quanta Computer Buys Microsoft’s ‘Android’ Licence

Another Android device maker agrees to buy a licence from Microsoft rather than meet the company in court

11 years ago

Lib Dems Seek To Repeal Parts Of Digital Economy Act

The Lib Dems have pledged to repeal some of the more controversial parts of the Digital Economy Act

11 years ago

SAP Fine Slashed To $20m In Oracle Copyright Case

SAP's big break of a $1.28bn reduction in its fine for intellectual property infringement has Oracle bristling

11 years ago

Mobile Market Patent War Lawsuits Increase

Openwave has joined battle with Apple and RIM over IP infringements while WiLan sues the world again

11 years ago

Hargreaves Report Demands Copyright Overhaul

Britain's IP framework is unsuitable for the digital age and must be updated, according to a new report

11 years ago

Google’s Antipiracy Measures Will Never Be Enough

Whether or not Google is doing enough to combat piracy, the firm will pay because everyone wants their pound of…

11 years ago

Cisco Targets Midmarket With Two UC Platforms

Networking giant Cisco is looking to the midmarket sector with two new unified communication platforms

11 years ago

Europe Calls For Tougher IP Laws

The European Commission believes that its own laws to combat online piracy are not tough enough

12 years ago

Concerns Raised Over OpenSUSE Spin-Off

Linux version OpenSUSE could move to its own foundation, in Attachmate's acquisition of Novell

12 years ago

SMBs Adopting VoIP And IP PBX Despite Concerns

Voice over IP and IP PBXs are being increasingly adopted by small to medium businesses, a report claims

12 years ago

Cameron’s IP Rethink Gets A Mixed Reception

The government has launched a six-month review of the IP laws, following a promise given by David Cameron yesterday

12 years ago

Video: Virtualisation Benefits Exposed At IP Expo

Cutting hardware and saving energy pale beside the simple savings in admin time, say IT managers

12 years ago

Swiss Court Outlaws IP Address Snooping

A ruling by the Swiss Federal Court adds to the debate over whether IP addresses should count as personal data

12 years ago