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IoT Drives Data Centre Efficiency With Schneider Electric’s Cloud-Connected StruxureOn

Connecting the IoT with the cloud in data centres could make server operation more efficient and manageable

6 years ago

Samsung Pushes Deeper Into IoT With Expanded ARTIK Platform

The ARTIK 0 and ARTIK 7 target both the high and low-power ends of the Internet of Things spectrum

6 years ago

Microsoft Releases A Brace Of Raspberry Pi 3 Powered IoT Kits

The Redmond company continues with its foray into the Internet of Things arena

6 years ago

Java Founding Father: IoT Is More Than Just Making Simple Tweaks To Existing Devices

James Gosling said most IoT efforts are simply tinkering rather than proper smart network deployments

6 years ago

IoT And The Enterprise World Must Put Cyber Security At The Forefront Warn Experts

IP Expo 2016: Sophos, Kaspersky and Trend Micro talk future threats from IoT, Hired cyber criminals, and security education

6 years ago

Hackers Are Using Consumer IoT Devices To Launch DDoS Attacks

Lax IoT security is allowing cyber criminals to syphon bandwidth to launch attacks on big businesses

6 years ago

Microsoft Goes Live With Azure IoT Hub

IoT Hub moves into general availability meaning everyone can now use Microsoft for IoT

7 years ago