iOS 8

iOS 8.3 Adds Support For EE Wi-Fi Calls

iOS 8.3 enables EE Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi). fixes several vulnerabilities and patches enterprise bugs

7 years ago

Mac OS X Yosemite Now Available, iOS 8.1 Launches On Monday With Apple Pay

Closer integration between Mac OS X and iOS is promised, with Apple Pay going live in the US

8 years ago

iOS 8 Bugs Put Off Users As Adoption Slows

iOS 8 and iOS 7 are now neck and neck in terms of adoption says Apple

8 years ago

Apple Promises iOS 8.0.2 Will Fix Cellular, Touch ID And HealthKit Issues

iOS 8.0.2 won't introduce any new problems to your iPhone 6...honest

8 years ago

Apple Tells iPhone 6 Users To Downgrade To iOS 8 After Bungled Update

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users say they lost signal and Touch ID functionality after installing iOS 8.0.1

8 years ago

Fake iOS Ad Claims Microwaves Can Recharge iPhones

A spoof advert circulating on Twitter falsely claims that Apple's new iOS 8 allows devices to be recharged in a…

8 years ago

iOS 8 Downloads Cause Busiest Ever Day On Virgin Media’s Network

Virgin Media witnesses ten percent jump in traffic after the launch of iOS 8, which is now used by 13…

8 years ago

Apple Pulls Health App From iOS 8 Due To HealthKit Bug

Apple admits to iOS 8 issue but says a fix might not be released until the end of the month

8 years ago

Apple Releases iOS 8 For iPhone And iPad

IOS 8 will be rolled out to iPhone 4S or later, iPad 2 or later and iPad Mini later today

8 years ago

Apple Courts Developers With iOS 8 SDK Featuring 4,000 New APIs

Apple provides developers with ability to access Touch ID, control connected devices and new programming tools with iOS 8 SDK

8 years ago

iOS 8 Brings New Health, Cloud And Messaging Features To iPhone And iPad

iOS 8 debuts at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and will be released on iPhone and iPad later this year

8 years ago