Bugs Batter Linksys Routers Opening Them Up To Becoming Botnets

Ten security holes were found in more than 20 router models from Linksys

5 years ago

Lenovo Laptops Found To Have More Major Security Flaws

‘Massive security risk’ in Lenovo computers discovered by security firm IOActive

7 years ago

Traffic Systems Vulnerable To Hackers Wanting To Cause Road Chaos

Systems across the UK could be abused by hackers to cause delays or even accidents, claims researcher

8 years ago

Home Tech Vulnerabilities Could Be Used To Set Houses On Fire

Even the US government is warning about weaknesses in Belkin WeMo Home Automation kit

8 years ago

Popular Processors ‘Are Riddled With Backdoors’

IOActive CTO Gunter Ollman says research is uncovering a lot of interesting flaws on much-used chips

9 years ago