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wayne Rash

Tooling Up To Beat Malware

No malware is going to catch Wayne Rash napping. But it takes constant vigilance to keep your system clean, he warns

Sean Michael Kerner

Don’t Blame Users For Poor Passwords

'123456' may be a crap password, but Sean Michael Kerner says the blame lies with the security systems that allow it, and rely on passwords in the first place

Sean Michael Kerner

How The Crooks Hit Target

What can we learn from the Target hack? Sean Michael Kerner says we can't blame any single technology

Sean Michael Kerner

Git Soothes PHP Security Fears… For Now

In a classic watering hole attack, hackers compromised a well-known, respected high-traffic Website and planted malware in a bid to infect unsuspecting visitors. On 24 October, Google began to flag as being a site hosting malwa ...


CAPTCHA has been broken many times before. Yet even an effective new method of cracking it will do nothing to dampen CAPTCHA's popularity, says Tom Brewster