Amazon Acquires Facebook’s Satellite Internet Team

Amazon pays Facebook an undisclosed sum of money to acquire the social networking giant's satellite Internet team of specialists

5 months ago

ICANN Halts .Org Sale To Private Equity Group

Domain supervisor ICANN 'withholds consent' for the sale of the .org domain registry to a private equity firm, following months…

2 years ago

Facebook’s Aquila Drone Crash Was Due To Turbulence

Turbulence caused the Aquila drone to suffer a "structural failure" during its inaugural flight

5 years ago

Google Station To Provide Free Wi-Fi Across India’s Public Hotspots

Facebook’s project is about to get some competition in India

5 years ago

Facebook’s Offers Developer Simulator For Free Basics

Facebook presses ahead with controversial Free Basics service for , allowing developers to test their services and find out…

6 years ago

MWC 2016: Facebook Will Continue India Initiatives Despite Free Basics Ruling

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: “In India we’ll focus on different programs. We want to work with all the operators there.”

6 years ago

Zuckerberg Defends ‘Free Basics’ In India

Facebook's latest move follows the suspension of the controversial Free Basics progamme in India last week on net neutrality grounds

6 years ago

Facebook Free Internet Hits Indian Regulator Buffers

Net neutrality halts Facebook's attempts to provide India with free Internet service

6 years ago

Is Facebook Hijackijng Net Neutrality In India?

Facebook rallies Indian users to lobby the country's Internet authority on ‘Free Basics’

6 years ago

Facebook’s To Cover Africa With Satellite Broadband

Facebook and Eutelsat to build satellite broadband system for Sub-Saharan Africa

6 years ago

Microsoft, Google, Facebook Push Global Connectivity Agenda

Facebook outlines plans for refugee camp connectivity as Microsoft and Google chase after India

6 years ago App And Mobile Site Become ‘Free Basics By Facebook’ aims to separate controversial free curated web service from its charitable aims and programmes

6 years ago

Facebook Solar-Powered Drone Is The Size Of A Boeing 737

Aquila drone project will see Internet laser-beamed to unconnected parts of the world from 90,000ft in the sky

6 years ago

Facebook Shifts Focus With

Facebook is now presenting it as a way of getting more users onto paid Internet services

6 years ago

Facebook Reportedly Abandons Satellites

Is space the final frontier for Facebook? Reports suggest it has abandoned satellite plans for

6 years ago

Facebook’s Criticised In Open Letter

Open letter accuses Mark Zuckerberg of creating a walled garden with the initative

7 years ago

Facebook To Bring Service To Europe

Richard Branson joins in with impromptu and wide-ranging Q&A with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

7 years ago

Facebook Brings To India With Reliance Communications Partnership

Android mobile app in rural areas to give users job listings and healthcare info alongside Facebook access

7 years ago

Facebook Touts Free Internet For Colombians

Facebook continues push with app that offers free Web access to people in Colombia

7 years ago

Zambia Gets Free Basic Internet With’s Facebook App

App gives free access to Facebook, Google and other services on Zambia's Airtel network, at the expense of net neutrality

7 years ago

Facebook Mulls Drones And Satellites For Web Push

Facebook buys a small British firm as it investigates drone, satellite and laser technology for its push

8 years ago

Facebook Looks To Drone Technology To Connect The World To The Web

Potential purchase of drone specialists Titan Aerospace will allow Facebook to further expand its connectivity project

8 years ago

MWC 2014: Ericsson, GSMA, Join Facebook’s World Connection Crusade

Zuckerberg's MWC keynote features Facebook's project, which now has Ericsson on board with a network lab, and the GSMA…

8 years ago

Facebook To Acquire Mobile Data Compression Specialist Onavo

Facebook wants to make access to the Internet cheaper on smartphones

8 years ago