Internet Explorer

Microsoft Confirms Internet Explorer To End On 15 June 2022

Redmond will cease support for Internet Explorer 11 in mid June next year, over a quarter of a century since…

7 months ago

Microsoft To Retire Veteran Browser Internet Explorer

Beginning of the end for web veteran Internet Explorer, as Microsoft announces gradual retirement of the legacy web browser

1 year ago

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For IE

Emergency patch for Internet Explorer to stop attackers hijacking the web browser

2 years ago

Microsoft To Retire Flash From Chromium-Edge Browser

About time? Adobe Flash to be axed from Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Internet Explorer

Microsoft's first web browser once ruled the world, but it almost resulted in Redmond being broken up

4 years ago

Google Publishes Second Unpatched Windows 10 Flaw In A Month

Google Zero's latest unpatched bug is ranked 'critical' and could be used to target Windows 10 Edge and Internet Explorer…

5 years ago

HP Sure Click Aims To Isolate Malware Lurking On Unknown Websites

Working with Bromium, HP Inc has created a tool that protects laptops from browser malware by using virtual machines

5 years ago

Poll: What Web Browser Do You Use?

We all need a web browser, but which one do you use?

5 years ago

Google Chrome Replaces Internet Explorer As World’s Most Popular Web Browser

Internet Explorer is pushed into second place by Chrome, but what about Microsoft Edge?

6 years ago

Microsoft Browsers Fixed In Latest Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer browsers gain fixes for critical flaws in latest security update

6 years ago

Microsoft Delivers Final Patch Tuesday For Windows 8

Older versions of Internet Explorer and Windows 8 OS receive their last ever Patch Tuesday update

6 years ago

Microsoft To Pull The Plug On Internet Explorer Next Week

So long IE. Microsoft confirms older versions of Internet Explorer will not longer be supported from January 12

6 years ago

Microsoft Says It’s Time To Upgrade From Internet Explorer

Some versions of IE will no longer be supported after January 12, Microsoft confirms

6 years ago

Microsoft Urges Internet Explorer Upgrades Before Support Ends

Microsoft says upgrading will ensure customers get security updates and will pave the way for Windows 10 migration

6 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Highlights Edge’s Security Credentials

Business as usual as Microsoft issues 12 bulletins after last month's modest security update

6 years ago

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes Edge Browser, Again

Vulnerabilities patched for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, as well as the new Edge browser

6 years ago

Microsoft Releases Emergency Internet Explorer Patch

Microsoft finds zero-day flaw found that could let attackers take control of infected PCs

6 years ago

HP Publishes Exploit Code For Unpatched IE Flaw

HP has disclosed the details for a bug it says affects millions of Windows systems, after Microsoft declined to provide…

6 years ago

Microsoft Convergence 2015 – Windows 10 Bids Farewell To Internet Explorer Brand

'Project Spartan' takes over as Microsoft's next-generation browser

7 years ago

Microsoft: The Web Will ‘Just Work’ With Windows 10 Browser

Project Spartan on Windows 10 PCs represents a break from Internet Explorer's checkered history, claims the company

7 years ago

Microsoft Patches Windows Bug Exploited By ‘Chinese Hackers’

Chinese espionage group allegedly used Windows and Flash flaws to target US military networks

7 years ago

Microsoft Patch Analysis Shows Growing Vulnerability Fixes

Microsoft patched more Common Vulnerability Exposures in 2014 than any other year, but number of critical fixes falls

7 years ago

Microsoft To Ditch Internet Explorer For ‘Spartan’ Browser?

RIP Internet Explorer? Microsoft reportedly develops an entirely new web browser for Windows 10

7 years ago

Microsoft No Longer Has To Advertise Browser Rivals To New Windows Users

European Commission's Browser Choice update expires

7 years ago

Microsoft Plans Skype Calls Without Plug-In Via Internet Explorer

In-browser Skype calls are on the horizon after Microsoft backs ORTC and WebRTC technology

7 years ago

Microsoft To End Support For Older Versions Of Internet Explorer From 2016

Microsoft urges consumers and businesses to migrate to the latest version of Internet Explorer

7 years ago

Quiz Of The Week: Web Browsers

Do you know your Chrome from your Firefox? A new web browser quiz awaits...

8 years ago

Microsoft Fixes Two Critical Flaws In Non-XP Patch Tuesday

A fairly lightweight Patch Tuesday arrives in May, but there are critical fixes for Internet Explorer

8 years ago

Microsoft Patches Windows XP With IE Update

Microsoft opts to rescue Windows XP users with an emergency patch for Internet Explorer

8 years ago

Fresh Internet Explorer Zero-Day Used In Targeted Attacks

'Operation Clandestine Fox' attacks take advantage of a fresh Internet Explorer vulnerability

8 years ago