internet censorship

YouTube Blocks Hong Kong Protest Anthem After Court Order

Anthem used by protesters in Hong Kong is blocked by YouTube, as critics lash out at another clampdown in former…

1 month ago

WhatsApp To Bypass Regime Internet Shutdowns

Iran, China blow? Internet shutdowns by authoritarian regimes will not prevent WhatsApp users from messaging, Meta confirms

1 year ago

Demand For VPNs In Russia Surges After Facebook, Instagram Block

Russians' are flocking to download VPNs so as to bypass the Kremlin's block on Meta platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram

2 years ago

Putin Orders New System To Ban ‘Toxic’ Internet Content

Amid Ukraine crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin asks his administration to consider new system to ban toxic internet content

2 years ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

3 years ago

Russia To Tax Foreign ‘Digital Services’

Plan published in Russia to impose taxes on foreign-owned digital services, as part of ongoing effort to bolster domestic tech…

3 years ago

Russia Readies Law So Moscow Can Block Social Networking Giants

No love for Twitter. Russia's parliament has prepared draft legislation that will allow Moscow to ban US social networking giants

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Russia Postpones Sovereign Internet Test

Official government test of Internet that is cut off from rest of the world cancelled by Russia, amid the global…

4 years ago

Turkey Lifts Wikipedia Ban After Nearly Three Years

Ban on Wikipedia in Turkey for nearly three years has ended after freedom of expression ruling from country's Constitutional Court

4 years ago

BBC News Launches ‘Dark Web’ Site To Beat Censorship Regimes

Going dark. International BBC news website can now be accessed via the Tor network, to thwart censorship

5 years ago

Russian Parliament Passes Bill To Isolate Internet

Controversial law would route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

5 years ago

Russia Threatens VPN Clampdown

Russian regulator gives one month notice, effectively ordering VPNs to block banned websites and messaging services

5 years ago

Google Staffers Urge Cancellation Of Project Dragonfly

Open staff letter calls on search giant to abandon attempts to create censored search app for Chinese market

6 years ago

Google ‘Thoughtfully Considering’ How To Offer China Services

Alphabet boss tells US senators that firm is considering China re-entry, but declines to address censorship concerns

6 years ago

Google Confirms Existence Of Project Dragonfly

Google confirms Project Dragonfly is being developed, but 'censorship search' for China is not close to launch

6 years ago

US Congress Grill Google On China Censorship Plans

Google faces calls from six US senators, numerous human rights groups, and 1,000 staff over China expansion

6 years ago

Google Staff Demand Answers Over Censorship Search App

Search engine for Chinese market still a long way from launching says Alphabet boss, amid staff concern

6 years ago

Google Plots China Return With Censorship Software – Report

Do No Evil? Google reportedly building search engine for China that allows for content to be censored

6 years ago

Governments Accused Of Social Media Manipulation

Grim media is being manipulated, mobile connectivity is being censored, and attacks against journalists is on the rise

7 years ago

Cloudflare Pulls Protection From Far Right Daily Stormer Website

Cloudflare CEO said it was a difficult decision but US civil liberties group hits out at tech firms for clampdown

7 years ago

Chinese President Urges Adoption Of ‘Cyber Sovereignty’

Sovereign countries should set their own laws for the Internet and others should respect that, according to China President

9 years ago

Google And Max Mosley Square Off Over Sex Party Images

Spank you very much, as Max Mosley slaps Google with a lawsuit over sex party images

9 years ago

China Cracks Down On 50 ‘Violating’ Websites

Cyberspace Administration of China says sites breached policies on pornography and political news

9 years ago