Intellectual Property

Facebook’s Meta Name Faces Trademark Issue With PC Maker

Arizona-based Meta PCs filed a trademark for its name in August, placing it potentially on collision course with Meta/Facebook

7 months ago

Intel Says Qualcomm Forced It Out Of Smartphone Modem Market

'Brazen' licensing practices allowed Qualcomm to skew market in its own favour, Intel alleges ahead of antitrust appeal set for…

2 years ago

HTC Halts UK Smartphone Sales Amid IP Dispute – Report

Intellectual property dispute with German firm results in HTC stop offering its phones for sale in the UK

3 years ago

US Start-Up Accuses Top Huawei Executive Of Conspiracy To Steal Trade Secrets

The confrontation between Huawei and a start-up co-founded by one of its ex-employees arrives amidst broader trade tensions with China

3 years ago

Samsung Not Involved After Alleged ASML Theft

South Korean giant says it respects intellectual property and is disappointed at certain media reports

3 years ago

Apple’s £21bn Patent Lawsuit Against Qualcomm Arrives In Court

The row focuses on Qualcomm's lucrative licensing practices for patents and its dominant smartphone modems

3 years ago

Microsoft Rolls Out Juggernaut Blockchain Payments System For Gaming Industry

The new blockchain-based offering, backed by services giant EY, is expected to turn into one of the world's biggest enterprise…

4 years ago

Apple Opens Office Near Imagination’s Headquarters As Dispute Intensifies

Apple is setting up an office a few miles from Imagination Technologies' premises, fuelling concerns it could poach key staff

5 years ago

Imagination Says Apple Plans To Stop Paying iPhone Royalties

Imagination's shares plummetted on the news that Apple plans to stop using the British company's graphics technology in its iPhones,…

5 years ago

Microsoft Launches Programme To Combat Rising Cloud IP Concerns

The use of cloud platforms are on the rise, but so is the number of IP and patent infringement lawsuits

5 years ago

Facebook Takes £400 Million Hit Over VR Lawsuit

Oculus co-founders found guilty of violating non-disclosure agreement with ZeniMax in the company's early days

5 years ago

What Oracle Vs Google Teaches Business Owners About IP Law And Social Media

Business ideas that require use of social media require extra legal attention, IP law expert warns

6 years ago

Ericsson And Apple Settle Patent Litigation

The settlement will see Apple pay Ericsson an undisclosed proportion of its revenues for every iPad and iPhone

6 years ago

Google Looks To Buy Patents Before Trolls Get Them

Google will launch a limited-time marketplace inviting patent holders to sell their intellectual property

7 years ago

Google Finally Settles Rockstar Patent Row

Google and Apple-backed Rockstar didn't disclose terms of the agreement, as disputes continue with Samsung, HTC and others

8 years ago

Supreme Court Ruling Will Help EU Software Providers Patent In The US

Intellectual property lawyer Karl Barnfather says tougher software patents will benefit businesses based in the UK

8 years ago

Lord Younger: Intellectual Property Enforcement Will Get Tougher

Minister for Intellectual Property says UK leads the world in IP protection, but there’s always more to do

8 years ago

UK To Allow Copying Digital Media For Personal Use

The government appears to be fighting against restrictive DRM measures by relaxing copyright rules

8 years ago

Cisco, Samsung Reach Patent Deal

The agreement between Cisco and Samsung follows similar arrangements between Cisco and Google and Samsung and Google

8 years ago

Rockstar Group ‘In Talks’ To Sell Patents

Rockstar, backed by Apple, Microsoft and others, is reportedly interested in selling off some of the technology patents it acquired…

8 years ago

Google Deepens Open Source Ties With OIN Membership

Google is accepted as a full member of the Open Invention Network, that seeks to protect open source patents

8 years ago

US And China Cooperate To Seize 243,000 Counterfeit Devices

A flood of fake Apple and Samsung smartphones stopped at the border

9 years ago

UK Government Unveils £2.5m Piracy Police Unit

The City of London Police will host the new Intellectual Property Unit

9 years ago

Google Makes Open Source Patent Pledge

Google has promised not to sue open source developers and distributors over a list of 10 patents related to MapReduce,…

9 years ago

Report: Apple Joins With Google To Bid For Kodak Patents

Apple and Google are offering Kodak more than $500m for about 1,100 imaging patents in an increasingly hostile intellectual property…

9 years ago

US, Europol Seize Domains In Cyber Monday Swoop

Annual Cyber Monday roundup of fraudsters goes global

9 years ago

Nokia Takes HTC, ViewSonic And RIM To Court Over Patents

Finnish manufacturer accuses competitors of 45 cases of patent infringement

10 years ago

Jimmy Wales Backs Government Scheme To Free Academic Research

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will help get government-backed research freely available online

10 years ago

Silicon Graphics Sues Apple, RIM, Sony

Former Silicon Valley pioneer Silicon Graphics has sued a number of IT giants over alleged infringement of its display technology

10 years ago

Apple Targets Google’s Nexus Flagship Phone In Latest Legal Battle

Apple US filing claims Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, Google's reference model, infringes on four key patents

10 years ago