Silicon UK Podcast: How Much Technical Debt Does Your Business Have?

OutSystems reports that 69% of IT leaders identify technical debt as a major threat to their companies’ ability to innovate.…

5 months ago

US Senate Passes Bill To Counter China Tech Threat

US Senate passes $250bn US Innovation and Competition Act that seeks to counter global influence of Chinese technology, and encourage…

6 months ago

Drone ‘Entered Gatwick Airspace’ After Losing Control

Australian-built unmanned 'flying car' rose into Gatwick airspace in 2019 incident after operator lost control and kill switch failed to…

9 months ago

Google Outage Affects Offices, Homes Worldwide

Google authentication failure knocks out broad array of services across the world, including Google Cloud, Google Suite, YouTube, Nest and…

12 months ago

Alexa Urges User To ‘Kill Foster Parents’ In Unsettling Incident

Amazon's use of experimental chatbots on its Alexa AI platform has led to some disturbing conversations and a security breach,…

3 years ago

Bitcoin Plunges Below $5,000

The notoriously volatile cryptocurrency is down about 75 percent since a high of nearly $20,000 late last year, as investors…

3 years ago

Musk Abandons Plan To Take Tesla Private

The Saudi-backed scheme to take Tesla off of public markets was too complex, Musk says, as competition mounts from Russia's…

3 years ago

IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drone

The drone system makes use of complex AI and sensors to detect when caffeinated beverages are required

3 years ago

Google’s Duplex Now Identifies Itself As A Robot

The automated appointment-booking service, which uses an AI system to ring businesses, is to begin trials this summer

3 years ago

Japan Drives Ahead With Self-Driving Car System For Tokyo

The system could be in place in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with commercialisation planned for 2022

3 years ago

Russia Out To ‘Own’ Blockchain As Competition Intensifies

'Blockchain will belong to the Russians,' a Russian spy reportedly tells standards delegates

4 years ago

Innovate UK To Invest £6m Into Digital Health Projects

The UK's public innovation agency is to fund trials of digital technologies with the potential to 'significantly' improve healthcare

4 years ago

Exchanges Suspend Trading Amidst Bitcoin Sell-Off

Coinbase was one of three exchanges that suspended Bitcoin trading on Friday as the cryptocurrency lost about one-third of its…

4 years ago

British Researchers Advance Toward Cable-Free Optical Broadband

A UK-led study into 'twisted light' could be a significant move toward broadband at fibre-optic speeds, but without the need…

4 years ago

BBC Partners With Microsoft For Voice-Activated iPlayer Experiment

The BBC has some big plans for the future of iPlayer as voice recognition software continues to evolve

4 years ago

London Dominates Tech Innovation But Smaller UK Cities Thrive In IoT, Data, VR

Manchester is a leader in IoT, while Brighton makes a top ten appearance for AI innovation

4 years ago

UK Parliament Launches Investigation Into Future Of AI

Committee will examine the possibilities of AI and how it could impact society

4 years ago

Heathrow Airport Is Latest To Adopt AR Tech In Bid To Engage Customers

Travellers can interact with exclusive characters in the Pokemon Go-esque app

4 years ago

Leonardo Live: SAP Talks Up Deloitte And Accenture Partnerships

Both firms have partnered with SAP to build and deliver digital services

4 years ago

SAP: Tech Convergence Is Driving Digital Transformation And Industry 4.0

And why there's still plenty more to come from artificial intelligence

4 years ago

Nvidia Joins Forces With Chinese Internet Giant Baidu To Push AI Tech Adoption

The partnership will focus on artificial intelligence in driverless cars, the cloud and research

4 years ago

BP: Digital Transformation Enables ‘Magical’ Innovation Beyond IT

Digital transformation is all about enabling innovation across the whole organisation, not just in IT

4 years ago

DVLA Bets Big On AWS To Drive Cloud Strategy

DVLA has moved multiple systems to AWS to enable innovation and bring cost-saving benefits

4 years ago

Government Launches £700m Fund For Tech Innovation, AI And Robotics Development

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund will provide financial support for UK businesses working on cutting-edge technology

4 years ago

DHS Wants To Use Neural Networks To Boost Airport Security

Neural networks have many practical applications and body scanning could be one of them

4 years ago

IOC Partners With Intel For VR, 5G And 360 Video Replays At Olympics

Intel will get the chance to show off its virtual reality prowess as well as several other technologies

4 years ago

Nokia Goes Big On Digital Health With Connected Portfolio

New products include a Wi-Fi connected BMI scale and a blood pressure monitor

4 years ago

Huawei Makes Commitment To Digital Innovation In Europe

Huawei wants to partner in digital infrastructure, cultivate digital innovation and contribute to Europe's digital ecosystem

4 years ago

Google Parent Alphabet Tests Drone Traffic Management System

Alphabet this week started testing an early version of a technology for managing unmanned drone delivery systems

4 years ago

Spain’s Biggest Banks Back Red Lyra Blockchain Initiative

Companies will be able to use the network to securely validate services and identities

5 years ago