Business Intelligence: Next-Generation Data Analytics

Explore how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping decision-making, driving innovation, and propelling businesses into the data-driven era. Discover how advanced technologies…

2 weeks ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Discover how digital transformation has evolved to encompass sustainability goals. Learn the biggest challenges organisations face when integrating sustainability into…

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The Sustainability of AI

While AI promises unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and innovation, questions regarding its environmental impact loom large. How can AI’s development be…

2 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Can Tech Innovation Coexist with Sustainability?

From renewable energy solutions to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, from the latest in green tech to the societal implications of digital…

2 months ago

Can Tech Save the Environment?

Discover innovative solutions and debates surrounding the question: Can tech save the environment? Dive into the future of sustainability today.

3 months ago

Women in Tech 2024

Explore the intersection of empowerment and innovation this International Women's Day. Discover the strides made by women in tech, celebrating…

3 months ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Your Life and Your Business on Your Phone

Mobile technology has transformed our personal lives and our businesses. Central to enterprise connectivity and agility, how will these mobile…

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Silicon In Focus Podcast: Connectivity in Orbit

Welcome to the Silicon In Focus Podcast, where we bring you the latest insights and discussions at the intersection of…

3 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Mobile Society

Explore the pulse of technology and society with Silicon UK's In Focus Podcast: The Mobile Society. From innovation to social…

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AI In Your Pocket

As Mobile World Congress draws closer, how will AI impact the development of the smartphone? AI's transformative impact will be…

4 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Value of AI

Discover the true value of AI and how it's revolutionising the way we live and work. Learn how to unlock…

4 months ago

Amazon Hits Out At US Congress Antitrust Bill

Online retail giant Amazon slams US antitrust bill for unfairly singling it out, while not targetting rival retailers such as…

2 years ago

Silicon UK Podcast: How Much Technical Debt Does Your Business Have?

OutSystems reports that 69% of IT leaders identify technical debt as a major threat to their companies’ ability to innovate.…

3 years ago

US Senate Passes Bill To Counter China Tech Threat

US Senate passes $250bn US Innovation and Competition Act that seeks to counter global influence of Chinese technology, and encourage…

3 years ago

Drone ‘Entered Gatwick Airspace’ After Losing Control

Australian-built unmanned 'flying car' rose into Gatwick airspace in 2019 incident after operator lost control and kill switch failed to…

3 years ago

Google Outage Affects Offices, Homes Worldwide

Google authentication failure knocks out broad array of services across the world, including Google Cloud, Google Suite, YouTube, Nest and…

3 years ago

Alexa Urges User To ‘Kill Foster Parents’ In Unsettling Incident

Amazon's use of experimental chatbots on its Alexa AI platform has led to some disturbing conversations and a security breach,…

5 years ago

Bitcoin Plunges Below $5,000

The notoriously volatile cryptocurrency is down about 75 percent since a high of nearly $20,000 late last year, as investors…

6 years ago

Musk Abandons Plan To Take Tesla Private

The Saudi-backed scheme to take Tesla off of public markets was too complex, Musk says, as competition mounts from Russia's…

6 years ago

IBM Patents Coffee Delivery Drone

The drone system makes use of complex AI and sensors to detect when caffeinated beverages are required

6 years ago

Google’s Duplex Now Identifies Itself As A Robot

The automated appointment-booking service, which uses an AI system to ring businesses, is to begin trials this summer

6 years ago

Japan Drives Ahead With Self-Driving Car System For Tokyo

The system could be in place in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with commercialisation planned for 2022

6 years ago

Russia Out To ‘Own’ Blockchain As Competition Intensifies

'Blockchain will belong to the Russians,' a Russian spy reportedly tells standards delegates

6 years ago

Innovate UK To Invest £6m Into Digital Health Projects

The UK's public innovation agency is to fund trials of digital technologies with the potential to 'significantly' improve healthcare

6 years ago

Exchanges Suspend Trading Amidst Bitcoin Sell-Off

Coinbase was one of three exchanges that suspended Bitcoin trading on Friday as the cryptocurrency lost about one-third of its…

6 years ago

British Researchers Advance Toward Cable-Free Optical Broadband

A UK-led study into 'twisted light' could be a significant move toward broadband at fibre-optic speeds, but without the need…

7 years ago

BBC Partners With Microsoft For Voice-Activated iPlayer Experiment

The BBC has some big plans for the future of iPlayer as voice recognition software continues to evolve

7 years ago

London Dominates Tech Innovation But Smaller UK Cities Thrive In IoT, Data, VR

Manchester is a leader in IoT, while Brighton makes a top ten appearance for AI innovation

7 years ago

UK Parliament Launches Investigation Into Future Of AI

Committee will examine the possibilities of AI and how it could impact society

7 years ago