Information Commissioner

UK To Overhaul Data Protection Rules, Targets Cookie Pop-ups

Government to refresh the UK's data protection rules, and poaches New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner to replace outgoing Information Commissioner

5 months ago

Regulator ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Live Facial Recognition

Information Commissioner concerned that live facial recognition could be linked to social media to create 'supercharged CCTV'

7 months ago

Cambridge Analytica Not Involved In Brexit Vote, Watchdog Concludes

Investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office of Cambridge Analytica concludes it was not involved in 2016's EU referendum

1 year ago

ICO Investigates Kings Cross Facial Recognition Use

UK data protection watchdog to investigate why Kings Cross developer is using facial recognition

2 years ago

Watchdog Warns Police Over Use Of Facial Recognition

Police warned about data protection implications of using of facial recognition technology

3 years ago

Marriot International Faces £99m Fine For Data Breach

GDPR consequence. British data protection watchdog plans to fine hotel chain £99 million for data breach

3 years ago

Uber Fined By Regulators For Hiding Data Breach

Stern words and stiff fine from UK regulator after Uber displayed “complete disregard” for customers and drivers

3 years ago

Facebook Appeals Cambridge Analytica Fine

Firm claims £500,000 fine is unjustified, as it disputes UK regulator fine over data breach

3 years ago

ICO Confirms Facebook Maximum Fine Of £500,000

Information Commissioner confirms maximum possible fine for Facebook over Cambridge Analytica

3 years ago

Facebook Fined £500,000 Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

British data watchdog slaps Facebook with maximum possible fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

4 years ago

Cambridge Analytica ‘Retained Facebook Data Derivatives’

Defunct company covered up its use of valuable predictive models drawn from Facebook information, claims report

4 years ago

WhatsApp Agrees Not To Share Data With Facebook… For Now

The messaging app maker has said it won't share data with its parent company, as the Information Commissioner concludes its…

4 years ago

ICO Serves Notice On Ministry of Justice Over Information Delays

The ICO's has taken formal action against the MoJ after finding a backlog of hundreds of information requests, some dating…

4 years ago

Data Protection Watchdog Fines Eleven More UK Charities

Good causes doesn't excuse misuse of personal data says ICO, as it fines charities for 'wealth screening'

5 years ago

Information Commissioner Calls For Businesses To Restore Trust With GDPR

Speakers also pinpoint GDPR as the start of an industry revolution

5 years ago

ICO Confirms It Breached Data Rules Multiple Times

My bad! Britain's data watchdog find itself guilt of failing to safeguard public data

5 years ago

ICO Threatens Central Government FOI Audits

The new information commissioner plans to crack the whip on Whitehall departments over lax freedom of information compliance

5 years ago

ICO Reassures Firms After Data ‘Safe Harbour’ Ruling

“Don't panic” ICO tells British firms after data sharing deal with US is torpedoed by top Euro court

6 years ago

Data Privacy Complaints Soar As Breaches Rise

“Protect our data” demand consumers, as the ICO watchdog receives record number of complaints

6 years ago

Google To Change Privacy Policy, ICO Confirms

Google agrees to alter its UK privacy policy after escaping a fine by Information Commissioner

7 years ago

ICO Raps Police Forces Over Data Protection

Data protection watchdog highlights data handling issues across different British police forces

8 years ago

Global Privacy Watchdogs Quiz Google On Glass

Letter asks what Google Glass does with personal data and what protections are in place

9 years ago

MPs: ICO Faces £42.8m Shortfall Thanks To European Privacy Plans

Taxpayers could end up paying more if European data protection proposals go ahead as planned, says Justice Committee

9 years ago

ICO Chucks Capita Out Of Bed, Looks For IT Services Six-Way

ICO's Christopher Graham wants to drive efficiency by splitting one contract into six

9 years ago

ICO Plans Press Code Of Practice After Leveson Pressure

Following Leveson's criticisms of the PCC effort to guide the press in following data protection law, the ICO is called…

9 years ago

ICO Probes Tesco Security Issues

Tesco now facing pressure from the data protection watchdog

9 years ago

Security Snafus Escalate As ICO Warnings Up 48 Percent

The ICO is baring its teeth some more, but still imposing minimal fines

9 years ago

Health Trust Fined £175k After Website Gaffe

Torbay Care Trust says it is disappointed by the fine, but it will pay up

9 years ago

NHS Trust Outraged By ICO £325,000 Data Breach Fine

NHS Trust says its appeals were ignored by the ICO, as it expresses dismay at the record data breach fine

10 years ago

ICO Receives 64 Cookie Complaints In Three Days

The ICO confirms 64 complaints have been made over cookies, just two days after the law was enforced

10 years ago