FCC Chairman Could Reverse Decision To Allow In-Flight Phone Calls

Ajit Pai turns against 2013 FCC regulatory proceeding that was attempting to lift the ban on the use of mobile…

5 years ago

Security Hole Could Let Hackers Take Control Of Planes

Security researchers was able to "hijack" in-flight displays and control cabin lighting

6 years ago

EC Approves In-Flight 3G And 4G As EASA Relaxes Take-off Rules

Europe approves mobile use above 3,000 metres as EASA says tablets and smartphones can be used during take-off and landing

9 years ago

FAA To Relax In-Flight Electronic Device Rules

US airline passengers will be allowed to use electronic devices all the time, but mobile phones are still banned

9 years ago

Low Cost Airline Readies Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

An American airline is reportedly about to launch in-flight Wi-Fi, free-of-charge for its passengers

10 years ago

Passengers Do Not Want In-Flight Mobile Calls

Survey suggests most people are against the introduction of mobile phones on planes

10 years ago

Virgin Atlantic To Allow Mid-Air Mobile Calls

Becomes first British airline to permit in-flight calls, texts and data between London and New York

10 years ago