Early Apple Vision Pro Users Find Pitfalls, Hidden Gems

Early users of Apple Vision Pro find self-repair difficulties, unexpected gems as platform gets ChatGPT app and YouTube 'on the…

3 months ago

California Assembly Passes Right To Repair Bill

Third state in the US passes right to repair bill, after Apple's home of California passes law extending spare part…

8 months ago

Apple Endorses California ‘Right to Repair’ Bill

Watershed moment? Apple adds its full support to California's right to repair bill, reversing years of opposition to such legislation

9 months ago

Apple Redesign ‘Makes iPhone 14 Far Easier To Repair’

Apple has redesigned the iPhone 14 base model from the inside out, making it far easier to repair, says teardown…

2 years ago

Apple To Allow iPhone Users To Repair Their Own Device

Right To Repair win? Apple is to sell, for the first time, spare parts to techie-minded customers so they can…

3 years ago

Apple Developing Patch For Face ID Issue Found By iFixit

Apple promises patch, after iFixit finds when a screen on iPhone 13 is replaced by a third-party repair shop, it…

3 years ago

AirPods Pro Given Zero Rating By Teardown Specialist iFixit

Like its predecessors, the latest generation AirPods are glued together, which earns the AirPods Pro a zero repairability rating

5 years ago

Samsung Added ‘Chainmail Armour’ To Galaxy Fold Screen – iFixit

Teardown specialists reveal what changes Samsung made to rectify problems with the Galaxy Fold

5 years ago

Teardown Shows iPhone SE Recycles Older Models’ Components

iFixit analysis reveals Apple’s latest smartphone recycles many components from iPhone 6S and even 2013 iPhone 5S

8 years ago

iPhone 6S Teardown Suggests Battery Might Be An Issue

iFixit teardown of the iPhone 6S reveals smaller battery and heavier display due to new components

9 years ago

iFixit, Microsoft Launch Device Repair Resource

The Pro Tech Network is intended to help launch thousands of new device repair businesses

10 years ago

iFixit Praises Dell XPS 10 In Tablet Repairability List

Dell's XPS 10 was the most repairable of the 18 devices ranked by iFixit, with Microsoft and Apple at the…

11 years ago

Surface Pro Slated In Teardown Amid Stock Shortages

Microsoft's Surface Pro has been slated in a repairability teardown, amid frustration over stock shortages

11 years ago

Microsoft Rushes Fix For Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Microsoft has rushed out a tool to repair a zero-day vulnerability in older versions of Internet Explorer

11 years ago

Apple iPad 4 Lambasted In New Tablet Teardown

A teardown of the iPad 4 has revealed marginally better components, but Apple was again slated for its poor 'repairability'

12 years ago

Apple iPad Mini Teardown Exposes Samsung Reliance

A teardown of the new iPad Mini has exposed Apple's ongoing reliance on Samsung for component parts

12 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Praised In Teardown

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 has praised for being highly repairable by a teardown specialist, which continues to lambast Apple

12 years ago

Retina MacBook Pro Faces Shipping Delay

Apple is backtracking over the shipping dates of its new Retina display MacBook Pro

12 years ago

Retina MacBook Pro Slated In Teardown

A teardown specialist has given the Retina display MacBook Pro the worse possible score, branding it virtually unfixable

12 years ago

Apple iPhone Screws Branded ‘Evil’

A repairer has branded the tamper-resistant screws found in the iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro as evil

13 years ago