Russia Acknowledges ‘Possibility’ Of US Attacks On Power Grid

The remarks follow US reports that US military hackers have placed malware within Russia's power grid, creating the potential for…

3 years ago

US Government Warns Of ‘Ongoing’ Attacks On Energy, Nuclear Sectors

Critical industries including energy, nuclear and manufacturing have been targeted for cyber-espionage since earlier this year

5 years ago

Misconfiguration Exposes Industrial Systems To ‘Accidental’ Cyber-Attacks

Configuration issues left industrial control systems exposed to disruption by the WannaCry and NotPetya worms earlier this year, finds Kaspersky…

5 years ago

Schneider Electric Control Tools ‘Vulnerable To Attack’

The control panels can be knocked offline by remote attackers using an unpatched bug, say security experts

6 years ago

Kaspersky Confirms Development Of Secure Industrial OS

Eugene Kaspersky wants to stop virtual attacks on real-world infrastructure

10 years ago

ENISA Issues Seven Recommendations To Improve ICS Security

ENISA report calls on European member states to improve cyber-security measures

11 years ago