IBM DB2 Database Updated For Big Data

IBM has updated its DB2 database to include “BLU Acceleration” technology for big data processing

9 years ago

IBM Updates DB2, InfoSphere Warehouse 10 for Big Data

IBM has updated its DB2 database, as well as releasing InfoSphere Warehouse 10 for big data

10 years ago

IBM Lures Disgruntled Oracle Customers To Defect

IBM is looking to lure disgruntled customers, who are tired of Oracle's restrictive policies and rising prices

11 years ago

IBM Replaces 700 SAP Installations With DB2

IBM has boasted that it has managed to displace more than 700 SAP deployments with its DB2 database

12 years ago

IBM Pushes Sybase Migration to DB2

IBM has introduced pushing a new technology to allow Sybase ASE applications to connect to a DB2 DBMS

12 years ago