US Officials Agree New Restrictions On Tech Exports To China – Report

Trump administration is tightening rules to prevent China from diverting advanced US tech for use by the Chinese military

3 days ago

US Plots New Huawei Restrictions Amidst China Tension

New restrictions approved by top-level cabinet officials would put Huawei under more pressure, while also hobbling US semiconductor manufacturing companies

6 days ago

Coronavirus: Huawei Launches Flagship P40 Smartphone During Pandemic

Photography-focused P40 smartphone range launched by Chinese tech giant, as it contends with US restrictions, and potentially a chip ban

1 week ago

US Postpones Huawei Meeting, Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Top-level meeting among Trump administration officials over further actions against Huawei, has been postponed amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

3 weeks ago

US Extends Huawei Trade Licence Again

US Commerce Department grants its fifth licence extension for Huawei, to allow the Chinese firm to continue trading with US…

4 weeks ago

Government’s Huawei Decision Faces Parliamentary Inquiry

Commons defence committee now plans to review government's decision to allow Huawei a 5G role, as Conservative rebels seek a…

4 weeks ago

US Senators Urge UK To Reconsider Huawei Decision

Bipartisan group of US senators urge the United Kingdom to reconsider decision to allow Huawei limited access for 5G networks

1 month ago

Google Seeks Huawei Trade Exemption – Report

Google has reportedly applied for a trade exemption licence from the US government, so it can continue working with Huawei

1 month ago

US Renews Pressure On UK Over Huawei In 5G Networks

Senior US officials say they will continue to work with the UK over finding 5G alternatives, following decision to allow…

1 month ago

US Considers Blocking Chip Shipments To Huawei – Report

Taiwan's TSMC could be ordered to halt shipments of silicon chips to Huawei under potential new US restrictions

2 months ago