Google Follows Firefox Lead With Chrome DoH Test

Google confirms it will test DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome 78, days after Mozilla makes Firefox announcement

3 years ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With DoH Switch On

Another move to strengthen its privacy credentials, as Mozilla gradually switches on DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for its Firefox browser

3 years ago

Google’s Chrome Browser To Remove ‘Secure’ HTTPS Indicators

From September, Chrome will gradually eliminate messages showing a site uses HTTPS - while adding stronger warnings for those that…

4 years ago

Google Claims 64 Percent Of Chrome And Android Traffic Protected By HTTPS

The search giant's efforts to encourage websites and app makers to adopt the secure protocol are paying-off

5 years ago

Big Rise In Malicious Encrypted Content, Zscaler Warns

Encryption not so safe? Malicious SSL encrypted content has more than doubled in the last six months

5 years ago

Wikipedia Encryption ‘Has Decreased Censorship’ Thanks To HTTPS

Wikipedia's move to encrypt the entire site has led countries to take a more hands-off approach with regard to censorship,…

5 years ago

Google Cracks Down On Web Security With Own Own Root Certificate Authority

Google takes another step towards driving the adoption of HTTPS

5 years ago

Mozilla Highlights Insecure HTTP Websites In Firefox 51

Unsecured websites will display a lock with a red strike through it

5 years ago

Government To Require HTTPS For Online Services

A new government policy requires the use of web encryption and anti-phishing email policies

6 years ago

Google Encrypts All Blogspot Domains With HTTPS

Google switches on Blogspot HTTPS by default, allowing admins and users an opportunity to encrypt their traffic

6 years ago Rolling Out Free HTTPS Encryption

All custom domains hosted by are to receive the free security upgrade

6 years ago

A Third Of All HTTPS Servers Are Vulnerable To DROWN OpenSSL Bug

Researchers detail how DROWN can be used to decrypt communications on HTTPS-secure websites and urge server operators to update now

6 years ago

Proposal To Tag HTTP Websites As ‘Non-Secure’

Google Chrome team proposes to make all web browsers tag HTML websites as 'non-secure' destinations

7 years ago

Google To Rank Sites With HTTPS Encryption Higher In Search Results

Google will use encryption as a ranking criteria in an effort to encourage more sites to adopt HTTPS

8 years ago

TopCashback Rushes to Fix ‘Useless’ SSL Website Security

Host of problems with HTTPS highlighted, sparking the cashback vendor into action

9 years ago

Nokia Admits Decrypting User Data But Denies Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Nokia says it does decrypt some customer information over HTTPS traffic, but isn't spying on people

9 years ago

Facebook Switches On HTTPS For American Users

Facebook has switched on HTTPS protection for American users, but the rest of the world will have to wait

10 years ago

Over 1,000 Android Apps Contain SSL Flaws

Android app developers caught napping on SSL security

10 years ago

Mozilla Secures Google Searches In Firefox 14 Browser

Firefox 14 makes Google searches secure

10 years ago

Top UK Universities Flunk SSL Security Tests

Exclusive: A TechWeekEurope investigation leads many of the UK's top universities to boost website security

10 years ago

InfoSec: How Lawyers May Have Ruined The SSL System

Taher Elgamal, one of SSL's creators, says he fought with Netscape lawyers to have browser makers be SSL certification authorities

10 years ago

Infosec: SSL Hall Of Shame Opens For Business

A nonprofit movement wants to expose those sites that have weak HTTPS connections

10 years ago

Iran Blocks More Websites Ahead Of Elections

The Iranian government expands its programme of web censorship ahead of March elections

10 years ago

Certificate Authorities Warned By Mozilla About Issuing MITM SSL Certs

Mozilla has drafted a letter warning certificate authorities not to issue eavesdropping "man-in-the-middle" certificates

10 years ago

Twitter Enables Secure HTTPS By Default For All Users

Twitter joins Google to add HTTPS by default to protect users' privacy - leaving Facebook to make the move

10 years ago

Mozilla Asked To Revoke Trustwave Certificates For Allowing SSL Eavesdropping

Although Trustwave revoked a certificate allowing a company to eavesdrop on users, Mozilla's community wants the CA removed as a…

10 years ago

Forward Secret HTTPS Enabled For Google Services

Google adds forward secure HTTPS encryption for its key Web services to thwart retrospective decryption

11 years ago

HTTPS Encryption Default For Google Searchers

Google is making HTTPS SSL encryption the default option to protect signed-in searchers from snoopers

11 years ago

HTTPS Bug Disrupts Secure Hotmail Service

Microsoft turned off HTTPS access for Hotmail in some countries, leaving emails open to interception

11 years ago