Huawei Seeks UK Court Order For HSBC Documents To Clear CFO

Chinese networking giant Huawei launches court action against HSBC in an effort to clear name of its chief financial officer

1 year ago

Facebook Libra Hires Former HSBC Executive

Libra cryptocurrency project still progressing after it confirms it has hired former HSBC executive as chief financial officer

2 years ago

HSBC Facing Chinese Backlash Over Arrest Of Huawei CFO

Chinese government-backed website joins other Chinese outlets in saying HSBC “maliciously” played a role in the arrest of the CFO…

2 years ago

HSBC Confirms Data Breach Of US Customers

Customers of HSBC in the United States have had their personal details including account numbers and transaction history exposed in…

4 years ago

HSBC Beta Offers A Platform With A Gateway Into Open Banking

The bank's platform provides customers with a single view of all their bank and savings accounts

5 years ago

IBM & HSBC Team Up For Cognitive Trading Platform

Bank Tech: IBM and HSBC develop a cognitive and intelligence global trading system

5 years ago

HSBC Adopts AI Startup Ayasdi’s Tech To Tackle Money-Laundering

Using AI aims to save the bank millions in efficient and automated data analysis

5 years ago

HSBC Voice Recognition ID System Tricked By Twins

Biometric security may not be a secure as its made out to be

5 years ago

HSBC Embraces Google Cloud For Big Data Analytics And Money Laundering Detection

GCP Next 2017: The banking giant aims for a 'cloud fist' approach to data, analytics, and machine learning

5 years ago

SAS And HSBC Masters Course Aims To Plug Data Science Skills Gap

The full-time course will involve a combination of data science, business acumen and management skills

5 years ago

HSBC Takes First Cloud Steps To Support Digital Banking Ambitions

INTERVIEW: HSBC's head of platform explains its cloud journey so far and why it's picked Amazon Web Services (AWS)

5 years ago

HSBC Customers Left Frustrated After Internet Banking Outage

Issues lasted for approximately 4-5 hours, with London Birmingham and Manchester being among the most heavily-affected areas

5 years ago

HSBC Calls On High-Flying CEOs For Tech Advice

The advisory board of high-profile CEOs will focus on disruption, cyber and infrastructure

5 years ago

HSBC Moves 840 IT Jobs From UK To China, India And Poland

HSBC's cost cutting measures continue but it maintains it is committed to building world class IT infrastructure

6 years ago

HSBC Rolls Out Biometric Banking

Voice recognition and fingerprint scanning will give HSBC and First Direct customers extra security

6 years ago

HSBC Cyber Attack: How Safe Is Online Banking?

HSBC says it has successfully defended a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack, but should customers be worried?

6 years ago

Cyber Attack Blocks HSBC Customers From Online Accounts

HSBC says it is working hard to get its banking facility back online after a DDoS attack

6 years ago

HSBC Says Online Banking Glitch ‘Not A Cyber-Attack’

HSBC Chief Operating Officer John Hackett claims problems due to “complex technical issue”

6 years ago

HSBC Customers Angry At Ongoing Online Banking Problems

HSBC customers suffer from further online problems, with services running at a “reduced capacity”

6 years ago

HSBC Frustrates Customers With Online Banking Outage

Thousands of customers report problems accessing HSBC online accounts

6 years ago

HSBC Suffers IT Glitch On Pay Day

HSBC customers are struggling to get paid following unspecified IT error

7 years ago

HSBC & First Direct Now Support Apple Pay

Launch comes two weeks after initial Apple Pay launch in the UK

7 years ago

HSBC Confirms Apple Pay Will Launch In The UK Tomorrow

Social media slip-up comes as UK shops start putting up signs advertising the technology

7 years ago

HSBC Rolls Out Paym Mobile Payments Service For Business Customers

Companies will now be able to receive money directly to their accounts using just a phone number

8 years ago

HSBC Brings Free Wi-Fi To 650 UK Branches, Promotes Mobile Banking

Free HSBC Wi-Fi rolls out with the hope of encouraging customers to use banks' mobile app

8 years ago

Anonymous Claims DDoS Hit On HSBC

HSBC services downed by DDoS attack

10 years ago

Expert Questions HSBC’s Online Banking Security Measures

Introduction of new security software and the decision to allow customer ID's to be saved in the browser have come…

12 years ago