HP Autonomy

America Criticised For Mike Lynch Extradition Request

US DoJ officials damned for filing extradition request for former Autonomy boss, whilst a court case is ongoing in London

2 years ago

Mike Lynch Hits Back At HP In Autonomy Court Case

Meg Whitman was ‘out of her depth’ at HP and used Mike Lynch as a scapegoat, claims former CEO

2 years ago

HP Wins Case Against Former Autonomy CFO

First blood to tech giant HP, in what will likely be a lengthy legal battle in courtrooms on both sides…

4 years ago

HP-Autonomy Fraud Trial Begins In US

US prosecutors allege 'accountancy tricks' by former Autonomy CFO, but he points to disastrous HP management

4 years ago

Autonomy Unit iManage Exits HP With Buyout

Former Autonomy unit exit comes as HP is in the midst of its own corporate restructuring

6 years ago

HP Autonomy Lawsuit Details Emerge, As Lynch Hits Back

'Is that it?' asks Mike Lynch as details of HP's allegations against former Autonomy management become public

7 years ago

HP And Mike Lynch Sue Over Autonomy Accounts

HP fires back with its own lawsuit in London against Mike Lynch following suit against the company

7 years ago

HP Autonomy Investigation Closed By Serious Fraud Office

SFO ends case saying there is "Insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction", but other investigations are ongoing

7 years ago