HoloLens Creator Leaves Microsoft Amid Misconduct Allegations

Microsoft’s HoloLens lead developer and boss, Alex Kipman, leaves the software giant after being accused of inappropriate behaviour

2 months ago

Questions Raised About Future Of Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens 3 has reportedly been cancelled, amid speculation Microsoft is heading towards another car crash for its electronic devices

6 months ago

Ancient Olympia To Be Preserved As Virtual Reality Archive

Olympia of more than 2,000 years ago turned into a virtual and augmented-reality experience under a collaboration between Greece and…

9 months ago

Microsoft Wins US Army Contract For Augmented Reality Headsets

Win for HoloLens technology, as Microsoft signs ten year contract with US Army worth $21.9 billion for augmented reality headsets

1 year ago

CES 2020: Mixed-Reality Glasses Win Praise At Tech Show

Nreal's upcoming augmented-reality headset projects high-quality virtual images in a package that looks like an ordinary pair of sunglasses

3 years ago

Microsoft Adds AI, HoloLens Goggles To Dynamics 365 Portfolio

New additions see business uses for Redmond's augmented-reality goggles HoloLens

4 years ago

Microsoft Mixed Reality Push Boosted By Samsung Odyssey

Microsoft targets consumer market with its mixed reality vision, but is the demand really there?

5 years ago

Microsoft HoloLens 2 Will Feature A Dedicated AI Processor

The coprocessor will be able to run deep learning neural networks locally

5 years ago

Microsoft Signs Up New HoloLens Partners To Boost European Adoption

Microsoft hopes partners can help big European firms with their mixed reality HoloLens projects

5 years ago

Microsoft To Start Shipping Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Acer's new Windows 10-based mixed reality headset will start shipping this month as part of Microsoft's development kits

5 years ago

Microsoft HoloLens Successor Slated For 2019

Redmond is happy taking its time with mixed reality

5 years ago

Windows 10 Creator’s Update Set To Arrive In Early 2017 With 3D Support & ‘Mixed Reality’

Windows 10 Creator's Update improves sharing and adds 3D across applications including PowerPoint

6 years ago

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition Arrives Next Month

“We’ve made a lot of progress”, Microsoft says as it also reveals the hardware powering HoloLens

6 years ago

Nadella: Microsoft HoloLens Will Start Shipping Soon

“V1” of the virtual reality device will go to developers within the next year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says

7 years ago

WATCH: Microsoft Reveals The Future Of Healthcare With HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens promo vid explains how the holographic device could dramatically change the way doctors learn about the body

7 years ago

Microsoft Offers $500k Bonus To HoloLens App Developers

Five grants and HoloLens headsets are on offer to successful applicants

7 years ago

Microsoft Loses Two HoloLens Headsets After SpaceX Rocket Failure

"Space is hard..." says Satya Nadella as SpaceX's CRS-7 unmanned resupply mission breaks apart just after launch

7 years ago

Satya Nadella Tells Employees He Wants Microsoft To Change The World

‘Mission statement’ memo reveals aim to help everyone “achieve more” and do “magical things”

7 years ago

Samsung Backs Virtual Reality Headset Firm

Eye-tracking headsets from Fove receive investment from Samsung Ventures after surpassing Kickstarter goal

7 years ago

Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Be Used By NASA In Space

WATCH: International Space Station reveals video showing astronauts training with HoloLens in parabolic flight

7 years ago

Build 2015: Microsoft Lifts The Curtain On More HoloLens Prototypes

Microsoft shows off some initial previews of its new AR headset at its Build developer conference

7 years ago