high performance computing

UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, Cambridge-1, Targets Healthcare

Nvidia's Cambridge-1 is now the UK's most powerful supercomputer, and will offer research capabilities for healthcare and AI

5 months ago

Nvidia Builds In-House GPU Supercomputer

Selene supercomputer uses new A100 GPUs and Mellanox InfiniBand interconnects to deliver 1 exaflop, putting it in top 10 performance…

1 year ago

European Science Community Launches £4.5m Hybrid Cloud Tender

Ten top European research bodies, including the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council, support the tender

5 years ago

Intel Partners With Alan Turing Institute To Advance Technolgy

The partnership is expected to further the role of high-performance computing and data sciences in the UK

6 years ago

HP Drags Intel Into HPC Market Push

HP enlists Intel to help with pushing HPC into new markets such as oil & gas and life science

6 years ago

DDN’s Record 2014 And Helping Scientists Unlock The Universe

TechWeekEurope speaks to CMO Molly Rector about DDN's recent growth and 2015's ambitions

7 years ago

China Tops Supercomputer List For Third Time

China's Tianhe-2 has yet again led the Top500 supercomputer rankings, but the overall growth in performance has levelled off

7 years ago

Huawei Makes First Appearance At US Supercomputing Conference

Huawei show off server, storage and networking offerings at SC '13 supercomputing show in Denver

8 years ago

IBM Lets Android Users Donate Computing Power To Science

Under a new IBM project Android users can allow their devices' computing power to be used in aid of scientific…

8 years ago

Hollow Fibres Carry Data Faster

Hollow-core fibres nearly hit the speed of light in a vacuum, cutting latency

9 years ago

IBM Brings Supercomputing Into The Cloud Age

IBM has built the tools and resources required to pull together silos of HPC into a single, allocatable entity

10 years ago