high performance computing (HPC)

HPE Wins NSA Cloud Contract Worth $2bn

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wins $2 billion cloud services contract with America's top secret intelligence agency, the NSA

3 months ago

UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer, Cambridge-1, Targets Healthcare

Nvidia's Cambridge-1 is now the UK's most powerful supercomputer, and will offer research capabilities for healthcare and AI

5 months ago

AMD Targets Data Centres With $35 Billion Purchase Of Xilinx

More competition for Intel, as AMD signals deepening push into data centre market with $35 billion purchase of US-based Xilinx

1 year ago

Coronavirus: Folding@Home Volunteers Merge Home PCs For Fastest Supercomputer

Folding@Home volunteers utilise home PCs to create world's fastest supercomputer to help tackle deadly Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

HPE Bolsters HPC Credentials With $1.3bn Cray Deal

Veteran supercomputer maker Cray is to be acquired by HPE, to power its HPC push in the years ahead

3 years ago

Volkswagen Uses Google Quantum Computer For Research

Volkswagen to carry out traffic optimisation, material, and machine learning research on Google quantum computer

4 years ago

Lenovo Targets Data Centre And PC Market With Expanded Portfolio

Expanded data centre offerings as Chinese PC maker reinvigorates HPC portfolio with two new brands

4 years ago

Welsh Universities Receive Supercomputing Investment

Supercomputing investment of £15m to drive 'world-class scientific research', as well as create jobs and industry partnerships

5 years ago

Obama Orders Exascale Supercomputer Initiative

World's faster supercomputer. Obama orders creation of computer capable of 1,000 petaflops

6 years ago

National Data Centre Launched For Researchers

The UK launches a data centre tailored especially for academic and medical research communities

7 years ago

HPC Market Slides In 2013 – IDC

After a record year in 2012, the high-performance computing (HPC) market experienced a tougher year in 2013

8 years ago

Intel Opens Parallel Computing Centres And Seeks Partners

Intel establishes Parallel Computing Centres around the world as it seeks to drive HPC hardware improvements

8 years ago

SGI To Bolster Big Data Credentials

SGI is making use of its supercomputer expertise to help companies tackle their big data needs

8 years ago

Cray Tweaks CS300 For Large Memory Workloads

Cray creates two new configurations of its CS300 machine to cope with high-memory workloads

8 years ago

Cray Touts Low-Cost XC30-AC Supercomputer

Cray is offering customers a more affordable supercomputer solution as demand shows no sign of a slowdown

9 years ago

Compuware APM For Mainframe Offers Transaction Control

Compuware is offering new management tools to provide IT departments with deep transaction management

9 years ago

IBM Partners With Livermore Lab To Bolster HPC

IBM and Livermore Lab have teamed up to improve America's competitiveness in high-performance computing

9 years ago

Intel Grows HPC With Cray Interconnect Deal

Intel is adding to its HPC portfolio with the purchase of the networking assets of supercomputer maker Cray

10 years ago

IBM Targets HPC With Platform Computing Buy

IBM is to acquire the Canadian clustering, grid and HPC software provider Platform Computing

10 years ago

Fujitsu Wins Major HPC Wales Project

Fujitsu will re-enter the European market with a £15m lighthouse supercomputing partner project

11 years ago

Microsoft, Novell Point To Increased HPC Interest

More and more businesses are seeking high-performance computing (HPC) interoperability solutions, at least according to Microsoft and Novell

11 years ago