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Twitter Sues Over German Online Reporting Rule

Twitter joins Facebook and Google in filing lawsuits against a new law in Germany that obliges social networking platforms to…

4 months ago

Putin Orders New System To Ban ‘Toxic’ Internet Content

Amid Ukraine crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin asks his administration to consider new system to ban toxic internet content

4 months ago

Online Safety Bill Changes Urged By MPs

Changes required. Major changes are being urged by joint committee of MPs to the draft of the UK's online safety…

6 months ago

Russia Seeks To Fine Google, Meta On Annual Turnover

Russian regulator applies to court to fine US tech giants percentage of annual Russian turnover, over failure to remove “banned…

6 months ago

Russia To Send Bailiffs To Collect Unpaid Facebook Fines

Send in the bailiffs! Court in Moscow instructs state bailiffs on Thursday to collect fines imposed on Facebook throughout the…

8 months ago

Facebook Deletes Content Requested By Russia, But Will Still Be Fined

Not quick enough. Russia says Facebook has deleted the content it has requested, but will still be fined for not…

8 months ago

Whistleblower Says Facebook Knows It Is Harming People

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to testify before US Senate, but has alleged the social network puts profits before clamping down…

8 months ago

Facebook Allows Some High-Profile Users To Break Rules

Social networking giant Facebook uses a 'whitelist' of high-profile users, who are reportedly allowed to break platform's online rules

9 months ago

UK To Fine Social Media Firms That Fail To Remove Abuse

Social networking giants face stiff fines if harmful content is not removed, under the Government's much touted 'Online Safety Bill'

1 year ago

Twitter Soon To Be Blocked For Russian Users – Report

Russian authorities have repeated a warning that Twitter has one month to delete 'banned content', or it will be blocked…

1 year ago

Facebook Developing Content Tools After Advertiser Outrage

Facebook says it is developing 'topic exclusion' tools to help advertisers ensure their ads don't appear alongside hate speech or…

1 year ago