Teenager Pleads Not Guilty To Organising Twitter Hack

Not me, gov'nor. Florida-based teenager pleads not guilty to masterminding major hack of Twitter's internal systems for bitcoin scam

2 days ago

Twitter Admits 130 High Profile Accounts Targeted, As FBI Investigates

Hackers targeted 130 Twitter accounts, as the FBI investigates how the unprecedented hack compromised the firm's internal systems

3 weeks ago

Hackers Compromise Twitter Accounts Of Major Public Figures

Bitcoin scam sees Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and…

3 weeks ago

Hacker Forums Contain Over 15 Billion Stolen Credentials

Sheer scale of stolen user data available online on hacker foums revealed in a report from data loss detection firm…

4 weeks ago

Angela Merkel Slams ‘Outrageous’ Russian Hacking

German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed she was targeted by hackers, linked to Russia's military intelligence (GRU) agency

3 months ago

UK Readies ‘National Cyber Force’ To Tackle Terrorists, Hostile Nations

Specialist 'National Cyber Force' for the United Kingdom to be launched in the spring to tackle hostile nation states and…

5 months ago

Hacker Who Tried To Blackmail Apple Receives No Jail Time

Londoner Kerem Albayrak threatened to factory reset 319 million iCloud accounts in 2017 – but authorities say he was only…

8 months ago

Judge Spares Jail Time For Parents Of TalkTalk Hacker

Suspended jail sentences for 'misguided' parents of TalkTalk hacker Elliott Gunton

10 months ago

Former Yahoo Engineer Hacked Accounts For User Porn

Reyes Daniel Ruiz pleads guilty after hacking 6,000 accounts, targetting younger women, to search for porn

10 months ago

Texas Ransomware Hackers Demand $2.5 Million

Ransomware attack on small local government systems in Texas collectively demands $2.5m

12 months ago

Capital One Suspect ‘Breached 30 Other Organisations’ – Report

Former Amazon worker turned Capital One hacker is alleged to have also stolen data from 30 other businesses

12 months ago

NHS Needs Urgent Investment In Cybersecurity

Outdated computers, lack of investment, and sparsity of skills means the NHS remains vulnerable to hackers

1 year ago

Florida City Agrees To Pay Ransomware Demand

No, no, no! Riviera Beach City pays hackers $600,000 after ransomware attack three weeks ago

1 year ago

TalkTalk Hacker Gets Four Year Sentence

One of the youngsters behind TalkTalk detained for four years, despite depression and Asperger claim

1 year ago

US Government Identifies North Korean Hacking Tool

New malware from North Korea used to raise much needed funds has been identified by FBI and DHS

1 year ago

Chinese Citizens Charged For Infamous Anthem Hack

US Justice Department has indicted Chinese citizens for Anthem hack and other attacks on US businesses

1 year ago

Israel Hits Back At Hamas Cyber Attack With Airstrike

Ultimate cyber defence? Israeli warplanes stop attempted Hamas cyber attack, with airstrike that 'removed' its HQ

1 year ago

Pharma Giant Bayer ‘Contains’ Cyber Attack

German firm detected hacker code and covertly monitored it for over a year, before clearing it from network

1 year ago

Singapore Health Hackers Identified By Symantec

Hacking group that inflicted Singapore with its worst ever cyber attack, has been identified by Symantec

1 year ago

Russian Hackers Hitting European Democratic Institutions, Warns Microsoft

Russian hacker group Fancy Bear behind attacks on Germany, Poland, Romania and Serbia

1 year ago

US Ballistic Missile System Riddled With Cyber Vulnerabilities

Hackable ICBMs? America's ballistic missile system is poor secured and includes an unpatched vulnerability from 1990

2 years ago

Facebook Hack May Result In GDPR Penalty

Irish regulator says 10 percent of the hacked 50 million Facebook accounts are based in Europe

2 years ago

Superdrug Admits Disclosure Of Personal Data

But pharmacy chain adamant its systems were not compromised as hacker attempted to extort money

2 years ago

Russian Political Hack Halted By Microsoft

Attack by 'Fancy Bear' hacking group to steal steal data from American think tank organisations foiled by Redmond boffins

2 years ago

Apple Network Hacked By Australian Teenager

Trouble from the land down under for iPhone maker, as Aussie fanboy breaks into Apple's main network

2 years ago

IBM DeepLocker Turns AI Into Hacking Weapon

Artificial intelligence can power a new generation of malware that can bypass top tier cyber defences

2 years ago

Singapore Health Hack Carried Out By State-linked Group

Government says hack of Singapore health records has the hallmarks of a state-linked group

2 years ago

Reddit Confirms ‘Serious’ Hack Of User Data

Reddit knew of 'security incident' since 19 June but only alerted users more than a month later

2 years ago

Hacker Selling US Military Secrets On Dark Web

Reaper drone data and operation manual for M1 ABRAMS battle tank for sale on dark web after Netgear router exploit

2 years ago

Canadian Banks Rocked By Data Theft Of 90,000 Customers

Significant data breach affects two large Canadian banks after hackers threaten to go public with customer data

2 years ago