green power

Climate Change: Is There a Tech Solution?

As COP26 in Glasgow approaches, how can technology help in the fight to reverse or at least reduce the long-term…

10 months ago

More Than Half Of UK Power Is Renewable, Paving The Way For Green IT

Data centres now have the scope to reduce their carbon footprint

5 years ago

eBay DSE Aims To Soothe Tech MPG Headache

A new performance dashboard provides a way for organisations to improve their infrastructure consumption and costs

9 years ago

Google Invests £50m For Home Solar Energy

Google has made another investment in renewable energy with funding to install solar panels in US homes

11 years ago

Snowy Weather Blamed For Closure Of Solar Factory

The harsh winter in Europe is being blamed for the closure of a factory making photovoltaic cells for solar power…

12 years ago

Google Funds Wind Power Infrastructure

The search engine giant is to provide initial development funding for a transmission backbone for US offshore wind farms

12 years ago

Inventor Of Low-Cost Solar Cells Gets Award

The man who invented low-cost solar cells that replicate photosynthesis is nearly $1 million better off thanks to the award…

12 years ago

Nokia Shows Bike-Powered Mobile Phone Charger

A new Nokia charging kit uses a dynamo powered by the wheels of a bicycle

12 years ago