Great Firewall

Yahoo Pulls Out Of China, Citing Challenging Restrictions

Western tech exodus continues. Yahoo becomes latest American tech firm to pull its services from China, amid new restrictive laws

7 months ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

8 months ago

Official Chinese App Allows Backdoor Access To Phones, Warns Cure 53

Security vendor finds heavily promoted Chinese app contains code to allow state monitoring of phones

3 years ago

‘No Plans’ For China Return, Says Google Boss

But Pichai tells the US Congress that Google continues to explore its options in that country

3 years ago

Google Confirms Existence Of Project Dragonfly

Google confirms Project Dragonfly is being developed, but 'censorship search' for China is not close to launch

4 years ago

US Congress Grill Google On China Censorship Plans

Google faces calls from six US senators, numerous human rights groups, and 1,000 staff over China expansion

4 years ago

Google Plots China Return With Censorship Software – Report

Do No Evil? Google reportedly building search engine for China that allows for content to be censored

4 years ago

China Domain Proposals Prompt Web Crackdown Fears

Government proposal to create 'whitelist' of approved websites raises fears of further crackdowns on web users in China

6 years ago

Google Gmail Block Continues In China

China's Great Firewall reportedly blocks access to Gmail, but the Chinese media blame Google for the disruption

7 years ago

Google Disruption Resumes In China After Brief Respite

The Great Firewall of China is back up and blocking Google access after a brief pause for Chinese users

8 years ago

Great Firewall Of China Blocks All Foreign Sites Following Brief Hiccup

Update to national firewall suspected as cause of temporary foreign site blackout

10 years ago

Anonymous Defaces Many Chinese Government Websites

Hacktivist group Anonymous said it has defaced and hacked hundreds of Chinese government websites

10 years ago

Data Smuggling Software Defeats China Firewall

Computer scientists in the US have successfully disguised data to evade Chinese censorship

11 years ago

China Loses More Than A Million Websites

A Chinese government think tank says that the number of websites in China has nearly halved since 2009

11 years ago

Falun Gong Says Cisco Aids Chinese Repression

Cisco has been accused of assisting the Chinese government in its persecution of Falun Gong followers

11 years ago