Great firewall of China

China Orders Microsoft Bing To Suspend Auto-suggest Function

Last remaining major foreign search engine still operating in China, ordered to suspend its auto-suggest function by local authorities

5 months ago

Bluetooth Messaging App Bridgefy Grows Amid Hong Kong Protests

Going offline. Protesters in Hong Kong are reportedly using a Bluetooth-based messaging app to communicate

3 years ago

Google Plots China Return With Censorship Software – Report

Do No Evil? Google reportedly building search engine for China that allows for content to be censored

4 years ago

Reports Suggest WhatsApp Is Blocked In China

Another example of the Chinese government's ongoing efforts to control the internet

5 years ago

China Domain Proposals Prompt Web Crackdown Fears

Government proposal to create 'whitelist' of approved websites raises fears of further crackdowns on web users in China

6 years ago

Google Gmail Block Continues In China

China's Great Firewall reportedly blocks access to Gmail, but the Chinese media blame Google for the disruption

7 years ago

Google Disruption Resumes In China After Brief Respite

The Great Firewall of China is back up and blocking Google access after a brief pause for Chinese users

8 years ago

China Suffers Internet Outage After ‘DNS Hack’

Large-scale Internet outage in China raises questions about the Great Firewall

8 years ago

Anonymous Defaces Many Chinese Government Websites

Hacktivist group Anonymous said it has defaced and hacked hundreds of Chinese government websites

10 years ago

Chinese Web Users Pass 500m Mark

More and more Chinese people are logging onto the Web, after a 12 percent surge in those using the internet

10 years ago

Beijing Clamps Microblogs With Registration Regulation

China continues its online clampdown after ordering the registration of real names on microblog sites

10 years ago

Chinese Firms Agree To Increase Online Censorship

Chinese firms have pledged to increase their censorship of online content as part of a government crack down

11 years ago

Beijing Defends Right To Censor Internet

The Chinese government has defended its “Great Firewall Of China” following fresh American pressure

11 years ago

Rights Group Says Cisco Aided Chinese Persecution

Cisco knowingly provided the Chinese government with technology to spy on Falun Gong members, say critics

11 years ago