Great firewall of China

Bluetooth Messaging App Bridgefy Grows Amid Hong Kong Protests

Going offline. Protesters in Hong Kong are reportedly using a Bluetooth-based messaging app to communicate

9 months ago

Google Plots China Return With Censorship Software – Report

Do No Evil? Google reportedly building search engine for China that allows for content to be censored

2 years ago

Reports Suggest WhatsApp Is Blocked In China

Another example of the Chinese government's ongoing efforts to control the internet

3 years ago

China Domain Proposals Prompt Web Crackdown Fears

Government proposal to create 'whitelist' of approved websites raises fears of further crackdowns on web users in China

4 years ago

Google Gmail Block Continues In China

China's Great Firewall reportedly blocks access to Gmail, but the Chinese media blame Google for the disruption

5 years ago

Google Disruption Resumes In China After Brief Respite

The Great Firewall of China is back up and blocking Google access after a brief pause for Chinese users

6 years ago

China Suffers Internet Outage After ‘DNS Hack’

Large-scale Internet outage in China raises questions about the Great Firewall

6 years ago

Anonymous Defaces Many Chinese Government Websites

Hacktivist group Anonymous said it has defaced and hacked hundreds of Chinese government websites

8 years ago

Chinese Web Users Pass 500m Mark

More and more Chinese people are logging onto the Web, after a 12 percent surge in those using the internet

8 years ago

Beijing Clamps Microblogs With Registration Regulation

China continues its online clampdown after ordering the registration of real names on microblog sites

8 years ago