Government Orders National Security Review Of Perpetuus Purchase

British Business Secretary orders national security review of potential acquisition of Welsh graphene maker Perpetuus Group

11 months ago

MIT Researchers Create Super Strong, Yet Light Material Using Graphene

Ten times stronger than steel but still light. Researchers blend flakes of graphene for new super tough material

6 years ago

Ultra Thin Wire Breakthrough Could Lead To Tiny Electronics

Electronic gadgets could get much smaller and thinner thanks to an ultra thin wire developed by researchers

8 years ago

Samsung Claims Major Breakthrough In Graphene Commercialisation

Samsung says its engineers have developed a new method that could make wonder-material graphene easier and cheaper to produce

8 years ago

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Admits To Chipmaker’s Past Mobile Failings

Brian Krzanich reveals close partnership with Apple as well as a taste for PB&J Sandwiches during Reddit Ask Me Anything…

8 years ago

UK Scientists Discover That Graphene Can Block Radio Waves

The wonder-material is likely to have practical applications in the telecommunications industry

8 years ago

Graphene Flagged As EU Research Priority

The European Commission has chosen graphene as a research priority and pledged a £864m research grant

10 years ago

Cambridge Graphene Research Centre To Open Doors In 2013

The £25 million project could bring the wonderful material to the mass market

10 years ago

UK Falling Behind In Graphene Patent Race

While British researchers first identified graphene, its exploitation is shifting to the US and Asia, according to new patent figures

10 years ago

Government Increases Funding For Graphene Research

George Osborne has pledged more funding to help British universities conduct graphene research

10 years ago

IBM Shows Olympic Graphene Molecule

The smallest logo, for the greatest games on Earth - brought to life by IBM Research in Zurich

10 years ago

Graphene Paves Way To Next-Generation Batteries

A UCLA team has demonstrated how graphene manufactured using a consumer-grade DVD player could be used to create high-capacity, flexible…

10 years ago

Scientists Achieve Advance Toward Graphene Transistor

Researchers at Manchester University have found a way of creating viable graphene transistors, without lowering the material's extraordinary conductivity

11 years ago

IBM’s 9nm Carbon Nanotube Transistor Outperforms Silicon

IBM have created a nine nanometre carbon nanotube transistor that may extend the life of Moore's Law

11 years ago

Researchers Use Graphene For Printable Electronics

Cambridge scientists use wonder-material graphene to improve speed and density of printable electronics

11 years ago

Government To Fund Graphene Research Hub

Wonder-material graphene will get its own £50m research hub as part of the government's IT investment package

11 years ago

Graphene Links Could Enable Super-Fast Internet

Researchers in Manchester and Cambridge show graphene's potential for superfast broadband

11 years ago

Scientists Probe Electronic Properties Of Graphene

Manchester scientists have revealed new properties of graphene, which is tipped for new electronic devices

11 years ago

IBM Uses Graphene Nano-Chips For Wireless Devices

Minute graphene-based integrated circuits for wireless devices offer better performance for much lower prices

11 years ago

Graphene Flashes 3D Movies In Under A Second

Researchers develop light modulator to transfer Gigabyte files in less than a second

11 years ago

Self-Cooling Graphene Could Mean Greener Devices

Graphene is turning out to be a superpowered material that could produce smaller, more efficient devices

11 years ago

New Semiconductor Slides In To Offer Power Savings

Molybdenite is throwing up lower-energy chip possibilities, according to Swiss researchers

12 years ago

Scientists Advance Toward ‘Spin’ Computers

A breakthrough at a California university could mean faster computers with no need to boot up

12 years ago