Microsoft President Slams NSA, Calls For Unity Following ‘WannaCrypt’ Ransomware Attacks

Fallout from WannaCrypt attacks continues as Microsoft publicly calls out NSA for stockpiling security vulnerabilities

4 years ago

The Encryption Conundrum: How Terrorism Is Driving Today’s Privacy Discussion

WhatsApp becomes the latest centre of attention as encryption vs privacy debate once again rears its head

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Kaspersky Lab: 43 Percent Of DDoS Victims Believe Rival Firms Are To Blame

Industrial sabotage was voted more likely than attacks by cyber criminals, disgruntled employees and political conspiracy

4 years ago

RSA 2017: Microsoft President Calls On World Governments To Join Forces In Cyber Battle

As nation state cyber attacks have grown in prominence, is collaboration the solution?

4 years ago

By 2018, Most Governments Will Move To The Cloud For Security

Gartner thinks that in two years' time, security benefits of cloud computing will outweigh cost benefits in main driver for…

5 years ago