Government ICT

Government Inquiry Into AI Algorithm Bias

Worried that AI may discriminate on race or gender? Government orders inquiry despite ongoing use in policing

3 years ago

G-Cloud Dream Is ‘Dying’, Claims Founding Adopter

Early G-Cloud adopter claims framework is dying, and slams “pitiful returns”, buyer attitudes and broken app store

6 years ago

Major Government IT Projects In Peril, Warns NAO

Stark warning. One third of major government ICT projects are likely to fail according to National Audit Office

6 years ago

G-Cloud 4 Goes Live With Amazon Web Services

The latest iteration of the government's G-Cloud goes live with Amazon Web Services finally on board

8 years ago

Government Promises Digital Courtrooms By 2016

Courtrooms will become 'fully digital' by 2016 as the government seeks to end 'outdated' reliance on paper

9 years ago

Government Axes CIO Role Amid Digital Shakeup

The Cabinet Office has confirmed it is dropping the role of government CIO as part of its ongoing shakeup of…

9 years ago

British MPs To Receive Taxpayer-Funded iPads

It has been confirmed that all MPs will be equipped with iPads, paid for by the British taxpayer, in order…

10 years ago

Conflict Of Interest Derails UK Open Source Consultation

Open source expert's Microsoft involvement takes consultation back to square one

10 years ago

New G-Cloud Leader Warns Government Unprepared For Cloud

Incoming G-Cloud leader has warned the government isn’t ready to make big bets on cloud

10 years ago

Cabinet Office Launches Open Standards Consultation

The views of the IT community on what open standards should mean in government ICT are being sought in a…

10 years ago

Government Readies G-Cloud Marketplace ‘CloudStore’

Potential cloud suppliers have been given another chance to join the government's G-Cloud framework

10 years ago

Government Launches Beta Of Single Website With

One-stop shop for online public services could save £50 million, the government hopes

10 years ago

Government Readies Shorter G-Cloud Contracts

The Government will offer G-Cloud supplier shorter contracts whilst pushing open standards

10 years ago

UK Cyber Defences Bolstered For Olympics

The Olympics are now only seven months away and will reportedly enjoy 'unprecedented' cyber security

10 years ago

Committee Report Labels Police ICT Unfit For Purpose

A report from MPs has warned the police’s ICT is detrimental to crime prevention and is not fit for purpose

10 years ago

Government ICT Strategy Slated For Lack Of Targets

A Public Accounts Committee report said the Government's new ICT strategy has 'insufficient' details

11 years ago

Socitm’s Call To Arms For Improving Local ICT

Socitm's Planting the Flag report lays the foundations for necessary and radical local government ICT reforms

11 years ago