Google Street View

Mafia Fugitive Captured After 20 Years, Thanks To Google Street View

Italian police arrest a leading mafia fugitive in Spain after he spent 20 years on the run, thanks to an…

7 months ago

Google To Settle ‘Wi-Spy’ Street View Data Slurping Lawsuit

Search engine giant expected to pay a mere $13m to end lawsuit over Street View data harvesting

3 years ago

Google Trekker Puts Remote Parts Of Ireland On The Map

Ireland's tourism authority is using Google Trekker to capture remote and beautiful areas that Google Street View can't get to

7 years ago

Google Street View Goes Deep Inside CERN Labs

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN can now be explored online thanks to new Google Street View images

9 years ago

Google Beefs Up Street View Exploration

Google continues to add more detailed images to its Street View galleries of the world's top destinations

9 years ago

ICO Says No Fine For Google Street View Data Slurping

Despite saying it was likely people were caused distress by Google's actions, the ICO chooses not to fine

9 years ago

ICO: Europe Didn’t Do A Good Job Of Ganging Up On Google

Divided regulators meant Google was not punished properly for taking private Wi-Fi data, the ICO tells us

9 years ago

Google Street View Now On Apple iPad And Mobiles

Good news for mobile users after Google makes Street View available to both Apple iOS 6 and Android

10 years ago

Google Maps Heads Underwater With Panoramic Images

Google Maps has begun offering non iOS 6 users spectacular underwater images of ocean reefs around the world

10 years ago

Google Street View Offers Up Arctic Images

Google Street View operatives have donned their wooly mitts and headed into the remote Canadian Arctic

10 years ago

ICO Reopens Google Street View Data Slurping Inquiry

Google faces fresh investigation in the UK over Street View, as ICO sends an angry letter to the tech giant

10 years ago

Google Upgrades Maps But Deflects Apple Question

Gogole has upgraded Google Maps with a host of features including offline maps, but its future remains uncertain on Apple…

10 years ago

ICO Unlikely To Re-Probe Google Despite Street View Findings

The ICO looks set to let Google off again, even after findings show workers knew what they were doing when…

10 years ago

Google Faces Further US Scrutiny Over ‘WiSpy’

A class action suit against Google over Street View Wi-Fi snooping has taken another step forward in the US

11 years ago

Google Reaches Street View Deal With Connecticut

Google has avoided a court date in Connecticut after the Attorney General agreed not to sue over Street View

12 years ago

Google Refuses Police Request For Street View Image

Google is refusing to give police access to a Street View image that shows thieves stealing a caravan

12 years ago

Connecticut Demands Google Street View Data

The US state of Connecticut has ordered Google hand over the data it collected with its Street View cars

12 years ago

ICO Named ‘Keystone Kops’ Over WiSpy Investigation

Members of the Information Commissioner's Office have been labelled as Keystone Kops by a Tory MP for their investigation of…

12 years ago

Google Street View Cars Broke Canadian Privacy Laws

Canadian authorities have ruled that Google Street View committed a 'serious violation' of its privacy laws, but the company will…

12 years ago

Google Could Face Regulatory Probes Over Wi-Fi Gaffe

Google's admission that it accidentally collected Wi-Fi data with its Street View cars may well land the search engine giant…

12 years ago

Watchdog Investigates US Law Enforcement Social Networking Tactics

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has obtained documents on federal law enforcement approaches to gathering data on Facebook and other social…

12 years ago