Google Maps

Google I/O: Android 12 Boasts Major Redesign

Google I/O: With few hardware (Pixel etc) announcements, Google confirms massive redesign for Android 12, including new look and feel

8 months ago

Google Fined 100 Million Euros By Italian Antitrust Regulator

Stiff penalty imposed by Italian watchdog over Google's alleged decision to restrict access of one Italian firm to its Android…

8 months ago

Google Maps Adds Eco Friendly Routes

Eco option for cClimate change. Google Maps users will soon be able to compare the CO2 emissions of different available…

10 months ago

Google Maps To Track Local Coronavirus Hotspots

Useful Covid-19 tracking data in your area. Google Maps will from this week being to show how prevalent coronavirus is…

1 year ago

Google Adds Covid-19 Travel Alerts To Maps

Users will now receive data on how crowded trains and stations are likely to be and alerts on restrictions affecting…

2 years ago

Huawei Mate 30 Cut Off From Google Apps

Goodbye Youtube and Gmail. Bootleg access to Google apps is shut down as US blacklisting bites

2 years ago

Google Maps To Get Speed Camera Alerts

Blow for councils as search engine confirms it is rolling out speed camera warnings to Google Maps

3 years ago

Google ‘Tracks Users Even With Location History Switched Off’

An AP investigation found a number of Google services tracked users even when they had explicitly switched off location tracking

3 years ago

‘Apple Cars’ To Add Street View Images To Maps

Company vehicles to hit the street in an effort to keep up with Google Maps

7 years ago

Google Maps Adds UK Public Transport Data

Train, bus, tram and ferry information is added to Google Maps in Great Britain

8 years ago

Google Adds GeoJSON Support For Mapping

Google has added support for the GeoJSON data format to the JavaScript Maps API, allowing developers to create richer maps

8 years ago

New Google Maps API Allows Embedded Website Maps

A new Google Maps Embed API makes it easier for Webmasters to insert Google Maps into their websites

8 years ago

Google Drops Saved Plus Searches And Saved Maps

Google's shakeup of its products continues as it drops some much loved features for Google+ and Google Maps

8 years ago

Google Maps Restores Multiple Destination Function

The redesign of Google Maps earlier this year left out one of its most useful features - the ability to…

8 years ago

Google Maps Helps Clear Minefields In Kosovo

HALO Trust says advanced positioning and navigation technology is making demining efforts less dangerous

8 years ago

Google Adds Italy, Bulgaria To Crowdsourced Mapping Programme

Google has extended its Map Maker programme to Italy, Bulgaria, Vatican City and San Marino, allowing users to add local…

8 years ago

Google Adds TARDIS Interior To StreetView

Fans of the Doctor can step into the 1960s police box outside the Earl’s Court station

8 years ago

How To Make Money From Maps In A World Dominated By Google

Jon Maron from INRIX says you can still run a maps business, as long as you don’t focus on navigation

8 years ago

Updated Google Maps App Arrives On iPhone, iPad

Users of Apple devices now have access to the updated Google Maps app that includes a number of enhancements

9 years ago

Google U-Turn Over Offline Maps Decision

In the wake of criticism, Google performs a quick u-turn over the decision to drop its offline Map function

9 years ago

Google Updates Maps App For Android

Google's improved Maps app for Android devices has arrived, but iOS users will have to wait a little longer

9 years ago

Google Earth Updates 3D Images

Google has added to its 3D photo imagery of locations around the world, while also adding Street View images to…

9 years ago

More Developer Interaction Touted For Google Maps

Developers now have the ability to better interact with Google Maps thanks to a new map layer

9 years ago

Google To Loan Out Street View Trekker Cameras

Google wants third-party organisations to help gather images from around the world to add to Google Maps

9 years ago

Google Confirms £831m Waze Navigation Purchase

Google has flexed its financial muscle and snapped up Waze, which had also been courted by Apple and Facebook

9 years ago

Google Opens Up Maps Engine API For Developers

Google move allows developers to add Google Maps capabilities to their own applications

9 years ago

Google Offers Free Classes For Google Maps

Google offers a free online teaching course for anyone wishing to become a Google Maps expert

9 years ago

Google I/O: Google Maps And Search Get Major Updates

A major redesign of Google Maps is under way, while Google Search will 'talk' to users to refine their searches

9 years ago

Google Maps Editing Hits UK

Brits get to annotate Google Maps, with Map Maker

9 years ago

Google Maps Faces German Ban

Microsoft sued Motorola Mobility - and may now get Google Maps banned in Germany

9 years ago