Google glasses

Google To Test Augmented Reality Glasses In Public

After privacy setback a decade ago, Google admits it is ready to begin testing new augmented reality glasses in the…

1 month ago

Facebook Reveals First Gen Smart Glasses

Social network Facebook teams up with luxury sunglasses maker for first generation of smart glasses called 'Ray-Ban Stories'

11 months ago

How Did New Google Glass Appear In eBay Auction?

Mysterious eBay auction sees San Francisco pawn shop selling unreleased Google Glass device

6 years ago

Google Glass Executive Steps Down

Head of business operations for Google Glass steps down, as the future of the wearable device remains uncertain

7 years ago

Google Glass Faces Uncertain Future As Beta Is Halted

Google calls time on its beta test of Google Glass, but claims it is not abandoning the wearable device

8 years ago

Google Glass Goes On Sale – For One-Day Only

Members of the public can buy a Google Glass device in a special one-day only sales event

8 years ago

Google Glass Program Seeks Greater Business Use

Google pushes its Google Glass device at the business community with the launch of a new program

8 years ago

Google Glass Spyware Risk Revealed

The potential of the Google Glass device to be used for snooping has been revealed by researchers with a proof…

8 years ago

Google Glass Driver Battles Traffic Ticket In Court

The Google Glass-wearing driver explains why she is fighting the traffic ticket in a Californian courtroom

9 years ago

Google Offers More Control With Glass Development Kit

Google Glass developers will get more control of their designs with the new Glass Development Kit (GDK)

9 years ago

Car Driver Issued Ticket For Wearing Google Glass

A woman driver in California has been issued a ticket by police after being caught wearing Google Glass

9 years ago

Google Glass Users Get Trade-In Scheme

Google Glass users can trade-in their old Google Glass models and also invite their friends to try the devices

9 years ago

Government Mulls Google Glass Driver Ban

British motorists are likely be banned from using Google Glass whilst driving their cars

9 years ago

Google Glass Update Improves Voice Capabilities

Google Glass has received its third software update that includes additional voice capabilities and commands

9 years ago

Google Glass Update Improves Camera Capabilities

The second software update for Google Glass offers improved photo-taking and the addition of image captions

9 years ago

Google Bans Adult Content On Glass

Google says no to the arrival of racy, sexually explicit apps on its wearable Google Glass device

9 years ago

Google Brings Forward Google Glass Launch Date

Google has confirmed that its Google glass device will commercially launch to the public later this year

9 years ago

Google Glass Receives First Software Update

The first software update for Google Glass has been issued that includes a number of new features

9 years ago

Apple Explores Augmented Reality Options – Report

The push into wearable technologies continues with reports suggesting that Apple is developing a rival to Google Glass

9 years ago

Sergey Brin Mocked For ‘Emasculating’ Smartphone Comment

Google co-founder Sergey Brin was been widely ridiculed after he labelled smartphones as “emasculating”

9 years ago

Google To Offer Rewards For Chrome OS Hacks

Google has begun a competition offering more than £2m in prize money for those that can hack its Chrome OS

10 years ago