Google Fibre

Google Fibre Network Set To Expand To 34 US Cities

34 cities across the US are being considered by Google to connect to its high-speed network

8 years ago

Google Halts Kansas Fibre Plan

Google has dropped its plans to build a fibre-optic network in Overland Park, Kansas, saying it was out of patience…

9 years ago

Google 1Gbps Fibre Network Hit By Liability Delay

Google’s construction of 1Gbps fibre network in Kansas has been halted after liability concerns

9 years ago

Google 1Gbps Fibre Slated For Provo, Utah Arrival

Google's 1 Gbps broadband network is to be deployed next to the lucky residents in Provo, Utah

9 years ago

Google Fibre To Arrive In Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas is next in line to get gigabit broadband from Google

9 years ago

Google Seeks Approval For Experimental Wireless Network

Google has submitted an application to build an experimental wireless network around its headquarters

9 years ago

Google Launches 1Gbps Fibre Service In Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City can now start receiving gigabit-speed Internet thanks to the Google Fibre Service

10 years ago

Google To Patent Fibre Optic Cable Deployment Method

The “edging strip” could make fibre-to-the-home installation simpler by removing needed to dig trenches in customers' gardens

10 years ago

Google Begins Construction Of Super-Fast Broadband Network

Google Fibre has begun laying cable for its 1Gbps broadband network in Kansas, and will also be testing a Wi-Fi…

10 years ago

Google Reveals More Details Of Broadband Plan

Google July has launched a Website to keep people in the loop on the company's plans to build ultra-high speed…

12 years ago