Gartner Predicts Concerns For Enterprises Using Cloud-based Generative AI

Cloud technology will continue to be best delivery option for generative AI applications at scale, says Gartner

4 months ago

Gartner Cites Generative AI Impact On Business Going Forward

Focus on worker augmentation to improve productivity and quality of work, rather than role automation from AI, Gartner warns

8 months ago

Global IT Spend To Rise Amid Automation Focus, Says Gartner

Economic uncertainty and ongoing struggle with skills shortage, will not impact IT spending for businesses, Gartner finds

11 months ago

PC Shipment Decline Slows In Q2, Says Gartner

Gartner PC shipment results mirror Canalys data, after finding a 16.6 percent shipment decline in the second quarter

11 months ago

Semiconductor Revenue To Decline In 2023, Gartner Warns

Gartner forecasts global semiconductor revenue to decline 11.2 percent in 2023, amid economic uncertainties and weakening demand

1 year ago

Humans Needed To Avoid Cybersecurity Missteps, Gartner Says

Gartner identifies top cybersecurity trends for 2023, and says organisations need to adopt a human-centric focus to avoid cyber failures

1 year ago

PC Shipments Decline 30 Percent, Gartner Finds

Gartner reports that PC shipments worldwide have declined 30 percent in Q1, backing up similar findings from rival IDC

1 year ago

Nearly Half Cybersecurity Leaders Set To Change Jobs, Warns Gartner

Analyst house Gartner offering a chilling prediction for company management, warning nearly half cybersecurity bosses will change jobs

1 year ago

Chip Revenues To Decline 2.5 Percent In 2023, Warns Gartner

Global semiconductor revenues are projected to grow 7.4 percent in 2022, but will decline in 2023 as inflationary pressures take…

2 years ago

Smartphone Sales See Record Decline Due To Pandemic

Huawei sees biggest year-on-year sales drop for first quarter, but maintains No. 2 position after Samsung and ahead of Apple,…

4 years ago

Top Cloud Infrastructure Vendors Set To Take Lion’s Share Of Market

The growing dominance of a few cloud infrastructure players could put pressure on enterprises, argues Gartner

6 years ago

Global IT Spending To Rise 6.2 Percent, Gartner Predicts

Good news for tech industry with prediction of significant rise in IT spending thanks to weak US dollar

6 years ago

Smartphone Shipments Record First Ever Decline, Gartner Warns

Saturation point? Last quarter of 2017 saw first ever decline in smartphone shipments, but Samsung still leads

6 years ago

Worldwide Device Shipments To Decline In 2017, Gartner Warns

Tough market conditions for makers of PCs, tablets and smartphones in 2017, warns analyst house

7 years ago

Gartner: Brexit Threatens Improved IT Spending Outlook

IT spending forecast to be flat this year according to Gartner, but that prediction assumes the UK will not exit…

8 years ago

Gartner: Smartphone Growth Will Continue To Slide In 2016

Although market saturation continues to slow growth, markets such as India and China will push sales to 1.5bn units this…

8 years ago

Gartner: Prepare For ‘Third Wave’ Of Integrated Systems As Hyperconvergence Goes Mainstream

Gartner predicts market for hyperconvergence will grow 79 percent and hit £1.38bn in 2016

8 years ago

Why Data-Based Algorithms Are Key To Business Survival

Michael Feindt, founder of Blue Yonder, says businesses that fail to implement data-based algorithms will die out

8 years ago

Global IT Spending Set To Decline To £2.5 Trillion

Belt tightening? Data centre spending remains stable, but overall IT spending forecast to drop 0.5 percent according to Gartner

8 years ago

Smartphone Sales Set To Stall In 2016

1.5bn devices will be sold this yet but growth is at lowest level ever as market saturation begins to bite,…

8 years ago

Half Of PaaS Applications Will Be For IoT By 2020

Gartner says PaaS will grow to help manage growth in IoT

8 years ago

‘Sluggish’ Governments Are Overwhelmed By Pace Of IT Change

Governments are failing to keep up with the pace of technical innovation, finds Gartner

8 years ago

Gartner: IoT Adoption To Rise By Half In 2016

Gartner survey predicts major growth in IoT adoption in 2016 but says barriers still remain

8 years ago

IPhone Sales Fall For The First Time

However Gartner figures still show global smartphone sales growing by nearly 10 percent last quarter

8 years ago

Wearables Sales To Reach Record 275m In 2016

Apple Watch and VR headset sales will continue to push wearable numbers ever higher, according to Gartner estimates

8 years ago